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Narita Airport Information
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What time is it? Trains in Japan
Japan's Car Seat Law
Those who drive a car with a child younger than 6 years old must have a child seat. Failure to do so will result in deduction of 1 driver's license point (same penalty for not wearing a seat belt).
- A car in which a child seat cannot be installed for structural reasons
- A car in which a child seat cannot be installed because of full capacity of passengers
- When a child is being taken care of (being fed, etc.)
- When riding on public transportation
Yomiuri Article 2008.7.25 Japan Pediatric Society, effectiveness.
Help Emiri
Yamila's daughter, Emiri, was kidnapped by her estranged husband back to Japan.Then he forged her signature on divorce papers.Then he remarried. She is fighting these events. Read more....
Family Friendly Indian Dining!
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What's up? December 2014

  • Education: Highlighting a couple of pre-schools in Yokohama. Please take a look over in the right hand column!
  • Events: Tokyo International Players present A Tuna Christmas , Dec. 13 - 22 at My Space in Hatogaya, their second stage. Comedy: "The 3rd smallest town in Texas is celebrating X-mas with its annual Christmas Yard Display contest."
  • Entertainment: December 2 and 3 a must see! Chichibu Festival. Take Seibu Ikebukuro Express train, or special tour buses which make the return easier. More Chichibu Yomatsuri info with explanation and good photos!
  • Networking: For the working holiday visa set, Otsuka Station boasts an international meet-up every Friday at the Speakeasy Bar.
  • Immigration: New ID Cards deadline is July 8, 2015. This means a trip to immigration to trade in the old Alien Registration Card for a "residence card". When and how to apply for Permanent Residence Permission.
  • Department of Justice: Legislation giving citizenship to children of foreign mothers and Japanese fathers, born out of wedlock, was passed in Dec. 2008. Does your child qualify? Here's our research into the procedure!
  • Resources:
    International Schools in Japan
    For Parents of Children with Special Needs
    Day Care/Child Care for Working Parents

    Pregnant in Japan? and Staying a While?
    K A International Mothers in Japan surviving with humor, tears and a lot of help from each other! Nagoya Foreign Mothers support each other through pregnancy and birth. Japan With Kids web site hosts extensive discussions on being pregnant in Japan!

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