Warner Mycal Movie Theaters In Japan
Compiled by Laurel and Cornelia [27 May 2000]

What better place to stay cool during the coming months of heat and humidity than inside a nicely air-conditioned movie theater! What follows are the locations of Warner Mycal movie theaters in Japan roughly organized geographically from north to south. Hint: Use your browser's search key and type in your prefecture/city to find a location close to you.

The Japan release of The Iron Giant, a huge hit with a couple of our kids, was in Warner theaters only, and we wonder if other desirable movies may also be distributed on this somewhat limited basis. The plus side is that, according to the "Lucky" page on their website, the Warner Mycal movie theater chain offers some discounts at certain times as follows:

* Wednesdays: 1,000 yen ladies special (excludes holidays)
* Shows starting 21:00 or later: 1,200 yen (excludes special events)
* First of the Month: 1,000 yen (excludes Sat, Sun, holidays and New Years)

Iron Giant 1 It's always a good idea to call ahead to verify times and prices, since all sorts of things happen to schedules and prices in this country for a million reasons, for example, during school holidays.

This list has been translated from the Warner Mycal website which has a printable coupon for 200 yen off any show for adults and 100 yen off for children. You can also just print it from right here below. Lacking time, I've only included address and access on those theaters in and around Tokyo. Those people living in the other areas can get the information directly from the website (Partially in English) or by telephone. Or, if that doesn't work, please feel free to send "Laurel" an email care of Japan With Kids with your request for a translation of the address.

In some places you'll see a reference to "SATY". Saty is the name of an enterprising Japanese family from Nagoya that has teamed up with Warner, among others, to build a series of shopping centers in secondary urban centers. They only recently opened one inside the 23 ward area of Tokyo in Itabashi.

Update 12 Jan 2003: There are now 45 Warner Mycal theaters so this is no longer a complete list (contains only 35 locations).

Ashoro tel: 0154-36-5533
Ebetsu tel: 011-381-3899
Kitami tel: 0157-23-0101
Otaru tel: 013-24-8787

Hirosaki tel: 0172-26-1110

Kitakami tel: 0197-64-2525

Coupon Miyagi:
Ishinomaki tel: 0225-23-6262

Yonezawa tel: 0238-24-3300

Fukushima tel: 024-533-0740

Tsubame tel: 0256-66-0088 (Keno SATY)

Takaoka tel: 0766-25-7331

Kanazawa tel: 076-258-7575
Nonoichimachi tel: 076-269-0740

Itabashi tel: 03-3937-1551, OPENING 5/25/00
Itabashi SATY 5F, 2-6-1 Tokumaru, Itabashi-ku

Feedback received: The Warner Bros. Studio Store in Ginza on Chuo-dori, on the same side as Fuji Bank (almost across from Itoya stationary), did not have any Iron Giant items, not even a postcard. There were plenty of Tweetie Bird key chains and Bugs Bunny items of course. [22 June 2000]

Chigasaki tel: 0467-57-1000
Chigasaki SATY, 2-7-71 Chigasaki
Tokaido line: Chigasaki station
Ebina tel: 0462-32-9401
Ebina SATY, 2-4-1 Chuo, Ebina
Sotetsu line: Ebina station
Kawasaki tel: 044-965-1133
Shinyurigaoka Bibure 6F, 1-19-1 Asao, Asao-ku
Odakyu line: Shinyurigaoka station
Yokohama tel: 045-625-3766
MYCAL Honmoku, 14-1 Honmokuhara, Naka-ku
Wada-yamaguchi bus stop:
- from Yokohama Station, East Exit Bus Terminal, A-2 Platform, buses 8, 58, 125; A-4 platform, bus 105
- from Sakuragicho Station, Bus Terminal, #2 Platform, buses 8, 58, 125; #3 Platform, bus 108
- from Nigishi Station, #1 Platform, buses 58, 99, 101, 108
Yokohama, Minatomirai tel: 045-222-2500
Yokohama Warudo Botazu 5F, 11 Shinko-cho, Naka-ku
Keihin Tohoku or Toyoko lines: Sakuragicho station

Iron Giant 2 Saitama:
Kumagaya tel: 048-526-0707
Kumagaya SATY 4F
Oi tel: 0492-67-0707
Oi SATY 4F, Oi-machi, Iruma
Tobu Tojo line: Fujimino station

Ichikawa, Myoden tel: 047-356-0201
Ichikawa Myoden SATY, 4-1-1 Myoden
Tozai subway: Myoden station

Feedback received: 7 May 2000 - Last night we went to see The Iron Giant at the Ichikawa Saty Shopping Center/Warner Mycal theater. We ate in a restaurant on the ground floor called "Gyao, Wonder World Restaurant" for about 1000 yen a piece (comparable to a Denny's restaurant though not as extensive a menu) which had large replicas of jungle animals and a couple of dynosaurs amid greenery. Very spacious, very American decor. Every 5 minutes or so some of the robotic animals would put on a bit of a show. This was a huge hit! And then the the movie, awesome! (Btw: the movie ticket for my 3 year old cost 900 yen)

Sakura tel: 043-463-9911
Yukarigaoka SATY 5F and 6F, 4-1-4 Yukarigaoka
Keisei line: Yukarigaoka station

Toyokawa tel: 0533-83-0707

Kuwana tel: 0594-24-4462
Suzuka tel: 0593-88-0550

Kishiwada tel: 0724-38-9807

Akashi tel: 078-934-3911

Iron Giant 3 Kagawa:
Takamatsu tel: 087-822-0505
Utazu tel: 0877-49-8440

Hiroshima tel: 082-261-3770

Hofu tel: 0835-22-9066

Kitakyushu tel: 093-871-1122 (Tobata SATY)
Onojo tel: 092-502-8686

Kamimine tel: 0952-52-7711

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