Asakusa Hanayashiki Amusement Park

Asakusa Hanayashiki Amusement Park, 2-28-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours: 10:00- 18:00 (hours change with season), closed Tuesdays except school holidays
Information: 03-3842-8780 (Kitajima-san speaks English) fax: 3845-5855
The park is an 8 minute walk from Asakusa train station (which can be reached by Ginza subway line, Asakusa subway line and Tobu Isezaki line.)
They now have a web site [1 January 2005]: http://www.hanayashiki.net (Japanese mostly)

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The Asakusa Hanayashiki location has a long history, first opened as a flower park in 1853. This edo era amusement center included tea shops, entertainment (misemono) and the exhibit of some animals. After World War II it became an amusement park, operated by the Togo company which celebrated their 50th anniversary in 1999 as manager of the 146 year old park. However the park is now owned and managed by the Bandai Namco Group.


50th Anniversary Promotions:
Until 31 January 2000, when you buy an entrance ticket, you can use that ticket for one free ride. "I recommend the Space Shot (normal cost 500 yen) though the Roller Coaster or Funky Duck (normal cost 400 yen each) are pretty good too."

1-5 January 2000 - All tickets sold these 5 days will have printed on the back: "this ticket is a free entrance ticket until the end of March"
A few of the tickets sold during this period will have an additional prize awarded that will be printed on the back.


An adult (13 - 64 years old) admission is 900 yen.
A child (5-12) or an adult 65+ pays 400 yen, children 4 and under are free.

"Flower band" tickets (ride as often as you like for that one day) can be purchased in addition to the above entrance fee and are good for all attractions which are not coin operated (such as arcade games).
Adult 2200 yen (age 13-64), child 1900 yen (age 2-12)
A group of 15 or more can get a small discount. Here is the page with all the fees.

Single ride tickets can be used instead of unlimited ride "flower bands". One or the other is necessary for all people age 2 and older: 1 ticket for 100 yen, or a strip of 11 for 1000 yen can be purchased at vending machines inside the park.

Additional services: First Aid and Lost Children Center are located at the office. Lockers and handicapped restrooms are available.

Merry-Go-Round: 2 tickets
Kiddy Ferris Wheel: 2 tickets
Sky Ship: 2 tickets
Helicopter: 2 tickets
Kiddy Taxi: 2 tickets
Bee Tower: 3 tickets
Swan: 2 tickets
Pyong Pyong: 3 tickets (this has a 4 years & older restriction)
Mopper's Band in the Forest: 1 ticket
Space Shot: 5 tickets, 130cm height restriction
Little Star: 2 tickets, 120cm height restriction, 9 yrs age and over
The New York: 3 tickets, 120cm height restriction, 9 yrs age and over
Funky Duck: 4 tickets, 110cm height restriction
Surprising House: 2 tickets
Carnival: 2 tickets
Roller Coaster: 4 tickets, 110cm height restriction, 8 yrs age and over
Thriller Car: 3 tickets
3D Theater TP-1: 3 tickets
Haunted House: 3 tickets
Treasure Fort, Miracle Stone: 3 tickets
Misemonogoya Show room: 3 tickets
Ghost Mansion: 3 tickets
3D Surprising Bus: 2 tickets

26 Nov. 1999
NOTE: Space Shot and Ghost Mansion had an exclusive ticket system until recently, but now regular tickets can be used although their special exclusive ticket vending machines are still in place.


"We enjoyed the park. It is good fun for about 2-3 hours. We met "Chris" from the popular kids TV show and she let me take a photo! She was just there as another amusement park fan that day."

"It's tough taking a 3 year old to this park. She is too old to ride for free, but too young to go alone the rides she likes (generally they have a rule that the child has to be 4 to go alone). So I, the parent, am forced not only to ride with her but also to pay for the awful pleasure, on rides that she is perfectly capable physically and mentally of going on by herself. 'Carnival' is the only one that I enjoy riding together with my kid."

"After the park closes at 6 pm, there are lots of shops and restaurants open in the same area. We had a lovely Italian Ice nearby. There are many pedestrian-only streets, so it is safe for the kids to run in circles. It is touristy, well-lit, a bit pricier, and full of activity and energy."

"As amusement parks go, the rides are pretty tame for us big kids, but my son at 4 gets very excited. There are a lot of older Japanese kids who seem to really enjoy it."

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