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Supplementary Income Payment 2009 (Kosodate Oen Tokubetsu Teate)
Researched by Cornelia [1 April 2009]

OF INTEREST TO: All Japanese people and all foreigners with residence permission, residing in Japan as of February 1, 2009.

The Japanese government has decided to give every individual legitimately living in Japan a supplementary income payment. Each adult receives 12,000 yen and each child receives 20,000 yen.

You will receive an envelope from your local government office with an application form. Basically they want your bank information so that the money can be deposited into your bank account. I filled out the form, folded it, put it in the envelope and sealed the envelope, AND THEN realized that they wanted photocopies of my foreigner I.D. card and my bank ATM card as well.

I live in Kita-ku, Tokyo. The bright yellow envelopes, one for each member of my household arrived on April 1. The return envelopes are hot pink. Colors may differ in your city! There does seem to be a toll free number that you can call, though I do not know if it is just for Kita-ku or for all Japan. It is 0120-665-581.


* If you moved and changed which municipality you were registered with, on or after February 2, 2009, you must still apply at the municipality you with which you were previously registered. Please contact that municipality for details on how to apply.
* If your visa expires during the cash handout application period and your status of residence can no longer be confirmed, you must renew your visa and re-complete your alien registration before you can apply for the cash handout.

Shingawa-ku, Tokyo:
Supplementary income payment applications were sent out in March.
Shinagawa-ku call center: 03-5742-6543, open Sunday to Friday, from 8:30am to 5:15pm (English and Chinese)

Shinagawa has a different supplementary payment for families with two or more children: "As a child support service, subsidies are paid by Shinagawa city to households with two or more children. Those who are on the list of the Basic Resident Registration network (jumin kihon daicho) or who have foreign registration and have two or more children born between April 2, 1990 and April 21, 2005 are eligible to receive this subsidy.
This subsidy is not the supplementary income payment issued by the government of Japan. You are required to file a separate application form to receive the child support subsidy. The amount of the subsidy is 36,000 yen per child. Those who are entitled to the subsidy but not living with their children will also receive the application, if their address is correctly registered in Shinagawaku. Any questions can be directed to the Child Support Section at 03-5742-6721.

Yokohama City:
Call Center in foreign languages (a different one each day of the week) on the supplementary income payement issue: 045-222-1185 Apparently Yokohama's processing period will be mid-May to mid-November. If you don't have a bank account you can get a cash payment. Info in English for Yokohama.

Sendai City:
Special Allowance for Child-Rearing Application Guide (Kosodate Oen Tokubetsu Teate)
Applies in Sendai City only. Period of application from about April 2009 to Nov. 11, 1009.

Under the current severe economic conditions, in consideration of the burdens of early childhood education for households with multiple children, the ‘Special Allowance for Child-RearingEwill be provided for each child of early childhood education age, beginning with the second child. Please read this guide carefully and submit the application form.


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