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Japan for Kids, 2nd edition
was 2300 yen, now 1900 including shipping (cheaper than !

The following book is available directly through
Debito-san's web site. Bi-lingual (Japanese and English)

Handbook for Newcomers, Migrants, and Immigrants to Japan

Recycling books you've read:

From now until the end of 2007, Tengu Natural Foods at the Alishan Organic Center has teamed up with JWK to offer some books at far below off-the-shelf prices. Why? Because they have given up fighting Amazon and have decided to dramatically reduce their selection. Jack at Tengu says, "these are all good titles. We just want to reduce the space in warehouse and catalog we devote to books. Amazon will sell you anything. Tengu (and JWK) sell books we think are good." Not only do you get a great price, but JWK benefits as well! Place an order for just books or combine with an order for some of the best organic foods in Japan from Tengu so there is no extra legwork for you!

Special: Alishan/JWK Books

[start date November 13, 2007]

Please click on photo or title for more info. A book order can be combined with your regular order from Alishan (Tengu Natural Foods). Just email Tengu with the following totally made up and indecipherable code to get these GREAT prices AND help out JWK!

If you have a question you can call Tengu at 042-982-4811 between 8 and 18:00. Or use this web form to send your question (be sure to include the above code and also your Alishan order ID if you already have one).

Here is a printable list for your convenience with Alishan's stock numbers included.

Massage for Busy People: 5 Minutes to a More Relaxed Body was 1554yen, now 500yen, USD list price $10.95
Arrowhead Mills Cookbook was 2205yen, now 980yen
The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth
was 3675yen, now 1800yen
Eating Expectantly
was 1838yen, now 980yen
Essential Aromatherapy
was 1943yen, now 500yen
Honest Pretzels
was 1700yen, now 500yen
What To Expect When You're Expecting
was 1785yen, now 500yen
Prescription for Nutritional Healing
was 2993yen, now 980 yen
Pretend Soup
was 1200yen, now 500yen
Scents and Scentuality
was 2205yen, now 700yen
Spontaneous Healing
was 1955, now 500yen
20 Minutes to Dinner
was 1955yen, now 500yen
The New Laurels Kitchen
was 2940yen, now 2000yen
Yoga for the Young at Heart
was 1628yen, now 800yen
The Sacred Kitchen
was 2310yen, now 980yen
The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity
was 2205yen, now 980yen
The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book
was 1050yen, now 400yen
Your Baby and Child from Birth to Age Five
was 3045yen, now 1500yen

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