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Profile of Joanne Haynes

    Username: Joannehaynes
    Full Name: Joanne Haynes
    E-mail Address:
    Last Logged In: Unknown
    Registered: December 15, 2003
    Total Posts: 11
    Status: New member
    Home Page Address:
    Occupation: Teacher
    Ward and/or City: Adelaide
    Prefecture: South Australia
    Country Originally From: Australia
    Ages of Kid(s):
    Personal Quote: Eency Weency Start is a resource specifically designed for parents and caregivers to run song time at playgroup. Based on experience gained when working as project officer with the Playgroup Association of South Australia, Joanne Haynes has created a CD that will allow even the most inexperienced musician to operate a successful song time. The CD is directive -
    it will talk and sing a group through song time; it contains familiar songs, fingerplays and nursery rhymes; songs are recorded in brackets, with the children being exposed to a variety of educational and musical experiences in each bracket; there is an opportunity for interaction between adults and children and adults and babies; each bracket contains a 'goodbye
    song' to indicate the end of the session; a variety of props are designed to enable both adults and children to confidently interact in a group situation; and the value of children's literature is highlighted by cross referencing to a variety of children's books used during story time. For a free sample of this product or further information email
    At LAST!!: A fantastic new resource for playgroups!!