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Japanese Schools for bilingual young children - Public ? Private?

Japan With Kids - Forums: Education in Japan: Japanese Schools for bilingual young children - Public ? Private?
By Ruchika Vemuri on Monday, August 1, 2005 - 12:49 pm:

Dear Members,

I have been benefitting from all teh various discussions in this forum and seeing how helpful some of them were for the parents who were in doubt, I would like to request some opinions / experiences. We are both foreigners but fluent at Japanese and have one son (4 years old). Since he was one he has been going to the City run Day Care (Shiritsu Hoikuen) which with its various "goods" and "bads"(which could effectively be another discussion, actually) has been a good experience overall. And most importantly my son has been comfortable and has not ahd any problems and does enjoy going to his Hoikuen. Teh issue is that now I would like toput him in Yochien which is connected / affiliated to a shogakko as I dont want him to have to change institutions after one or two years again when starting Shogakko. Since my sone is completely fluent at English and Japanese, I am thinking if I can put him in a Japanese school for teh first few years so that his Japanese becomes stronger and then move him to an International School, maybe around grade 4 - ish so that then he could be in an English environment, because just talking and reading at hoem would probably not be enough and he would need a "school" environment with teachers and books and communication in English. SO I want to request your comments on

a) If you know of / have any children in similar situation or have been through such a situation and what was it like?

b) Does any oen have any "Osusume" or suggested Japanese schools that would have yochien and shgakko and hopefully chu and koko also?

c) What would be the better choice between public japanese schools and private japanese schools (not considering the expense issue - but more on environment / faculty / facilities etc)?

Looking forward to hearing anything you might have to say on teh issue!! Suggestions / criticisms / comments welcome!!

Best regards


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