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College/University in Japan

Japan With Kids - Forums: Education in Japan: College/University in Japan
By jose canul on Thursday, February 22, 2001 - 5:14 am:

I don't know where to go or who I can ask but I found your page on the web and I figure that you can guide me to what I need.
I have applied for a scholarship to study in japan, however they (IDB) wants us to gain entrance into a university that teaches the courses in English before they will give us the scholarship.
The course I have applied for is a Master degree in solid waste management or environmental science with emphasis in solid waste management. Please any help with this information will greatly appreciated. Arigato and Sayonara

Jose Luis Canul

By Anna on Tuesday, March 13, 2001 - 3:00 pm:

We are never going to be able to overcome the cultural differences here! I don't believe this!


"Culture and Unrealistic Expectations Challenge American Campuses in Japan"
By Beth McMurtrie, The Chronicle of Higher Education

EXCERPT FROM THE McMURTRIE ARTICLE: Temple manages to become one of the survivors while Minnesota State prepares to pull out

Tokyo--When a local television station approached a professor at Temple University's branch campus here to suggest filming one of his graduate classes, he thought it would be good publicity. Instead, he faced a mutiny. As soon as the Japanese students, all of whom were schoolteachers, saw video cameras, they walked out.

If their colleagues knew they were studying for advanced degrees, the students later explained, they'd be ridiculed for thinking they were special. Worse, their supervisors might punish them for taking time away from their professional duties. These teachers wanted to improve their skills, but only if they could do it in secret ...

See the whole issue at

By A.K. on Thursday, April 5, 2001 - 10:26 am:

Free Courses at Keio University ­Spring Seminster

Two very interesting courses at Keio University are open to the community at large. They will be conducted partially in English and partially in Japanese and they are free. Spring Semester begins next week, April 9th and runs through the second week in July.

History and Theory of Economic Development
Professor Jeffrey Sachs, Harvard University

This course will provide an overview of the subject of economic development from theoretical, historical and policy perspectives. Lecture topics will include: Patterns of Economic Development, Capitalism and Economic Growth, The Industrial Revolution and Western Europe, Japan's Capitalistic Revolution, China's Long Economic Slide, The Islamic World and Economic Growth in the 19th Century, Africa's Economic Weakness and the Colonial Period, The Americas, and The Emergence of Global Capitalism, Crises in Global Capitalism, and Trade and Development.

The lectures will be videotaped presentations made by Prof. Sachs. There will also be several classes with live video conferences to allow students to discuss issues with Prof. Sachs. Prof. Sachs will give one lecture in person at Keio University. Mr. Tanioka, from the Ministry of Finance will direct the class at Keio University. He will give a lecture, in Japanese, after each of Prof. SachsEvideo presentations. Prof. Sachs is one of the best known academics worldwide in the field of development economics.
The course will be held at the Keio University Mita Campus on Thursdays from 9:00a.m-10:40 a.m.

Introduction to Global Banking Strategy

This course will be taught by leading bankers from Citigroup. Citigroup includes Citibank, Salomon Smith Barney and NikkoSalomon Smith Barney. The course will cover commercial and investment banking, from both global and Japanese perspectives.

Lecture topics include: Trends in U.S. commercial banking; trends in the U.S. brokerage industry; the U.S. and developing Japanese defined contribution market; Citibank's retail banking in Japan ­lessons learned on the path of success; Citibank's cyberbanking; FX trading and derivatives; corporate banking, securitization and risk management; private banking; mergers and acquisitions in Japan; equity capital markets; real estate finance, trends of global and Japanese financial industries.

Approximately 30% of the lectures will be in English and the remaining in Japanese.

The course will be held at the Keio University Mita Campus on Mondays from 4:40 p.m.-6:10 p.m.

Contact Information

For more information please contact Mr. Yoshikoshi at the Global Security Research Center 3568-4076 or
e-mail: Tetsuo Yoshikoshi
He speaks English very well.

By Amira on Tuesday, April 8, 2008 - 2:58 am:

im finding a photography school, or courses to teach me how to use my digital nikon d300 to it full maximum! and adobe photo shop and all!! i love in tokyo shenagawa and will be moving to Hiroo soon! any school or colleg or work shops or courses i can take to utlize my camera and also to do it professionally!! thanks

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