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Chinese Language Learning

Japan With Kids - Forums: Education in Japan: Chinese Language Learning

By MK on Sunday, October 20, 2002 - 2:42 am:

Anybody enrolling their kids to a chinese school in Japan? we have a 3 years old boy who went to a local kindy in singapore (chinese) and we would like him to continue in chinese but we haven't found any chinese kindy in tokyo (they only have from primary... is that right?)

By Emily Homma on Sunday, October 20, 2002 - 1:44 pm:

What I know is a school that also caters to some students with Chinese background. There is an international (multi-level) school in Ikebukuro- (Name: New International School) that offers lessons in other languages as well. I am sure Chinese is one of the additional subjects since the principal mentioned about this plan when I met him (more than a year ago). Contact the school for more information or visit their website (you could find in the international schools list).

Emily Homma

By Admin on Monday, January 27, 2003 - 1:28 am:

The New International School in Ikebukuro has Mandarin as an option, but I don't think the option is offered until age 5 (and even then it is only for about 2 hours a week). I'm sure the Chinese have some pre-schools. It would just be a matter of doing some research. Anyone want to send in the info so I can add it to the section on Chinese schools?

By Cornelia on Tuesday, February 25, 2003 - 3:33 pm:

I called the Tokyo Chinese School (first through 12th grade). They told me that there's no Chinese kindergarten in Tokyo, and suggested I contact the Yokohama Chinese Academy.

The Yokohama Chinese Academy has a kindergarten, but Chinese lesson is only once a week. Starting from first grade, all classes except English and Japanese are in Chinese. It is at Ishigawacho station near China Town, about 50 minutes from Tokyo.

See the list of international schools for address and phone numbers:

The Chinese presence here in Tokyo is about 76,000 and in Yokohama about 15,400 (1999) so it seems odd that the Chinese school in Yokohama is bigger. But Tokyo is much larger and far flung while Yokohama is comparatively small and compact.

One mother that I know here in Tokyo sent her two sons to Chinese language camp in China during school break, but of course they were old enough to travel alone, etc.

Yokohama Yamate Chinese School (kindergarten, elementary and junior high school)
943-2, Yamate-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0862
Tel: 045-641-0393
info about this school at:
Apparently there are only 5 Chinese schools currently in all Japan:

Yokohama Chinese Academy [sometimes called Yokohama Overseas Chinese School] (kindergarten, elementary school, junior and senior high school)
142 Banchi, Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0023
Tel: 045-681-3608, Fax: 045-671-1070

Taiwan Embassy in Tokyo 03-3280-7811

By Amy Uehara on Tuesday, November 4, 2003 - 4:01 pm:

I am posting this here because I think this deserves notice and letters should be written from non-Chinese immigrants and residents to show that this is not offensive to only one group living in Japan, but to all who are here with serious intentions. I, too, have been part of the student population at a language school 20 years ago and all of the students I knew there were of the finest ilk and were some of the most intelligent and diligent students I have ever met. Please read this and let the governor of Kanagawa know that we are aware of his careless words, but appreciate his openness.
from The Daily Yomiuri online:

".........Kanagawa Gov. Shigefumi Matsuzawa on Sunday called foreign students attending language and vocational schools "petty crooks" before retracting his statement........."

By Pato on Tuesday, November 4, 2003 - 7:10 pm:

Amy, the Yomiuri Shimbun link on internet does not include the part about "Chinese". This was reported in many newspapers.

Yomiuri link version:
"Kanagawa govenor calls intl students 'petty crooks'
Yomiuri Shimbun

Kanagawa Gov. Shigefumi Matsuzawa on Sunday called foreign students attending language and vocational schools "petty crooks" before retracting his statement.

At a campaign rally for the House of Representatives election in front of JR Musashimizonokuchi Station in Kawasaki, Matsuzawa said that foreign students, particularly Chinese students, are behind the rising crime rate and that they are all "petty crooks."

The comments drew an angry response from some members of the audience, causing Matsuzawa to quickly add, "Well, not all of them are bad."

In his speech, Matsuzawa said that the decline in law and order was caused by foreigners, as well as increased organized and juvenile crime, and other problems.

Matsuzawa drafted a policy on public safety for his manifesto and appointed a former director of general affairs for the prefectural police as vice governor on Oct. 24, putting him in charge of public safety and disaster prevention."

Here are further links:
Mainichi in Japanese
Mainichi in English

According to, the actual quote was:

"They come in from China and other places on student visas, and they're all sneaking theives."

The Japan Times: Nov. 4, 2003
"Kanagawa Gov. Shigefumi Matsuzawa qualified his assertion Sunday that "all" foreigners are "sneaky thieves," stating instead that only "some" are.

Matsuzawa was delivering a campaign speech in support of a candidate running in the Nov. 9 House of Representatives general election near a railway station in Kawasaki when he made the remarks in question.

"Foreigners are all sneaky thieves. As Tokyo Gov. (Shintaro) Ishihara
has cracked down on them, they have flowed into Kanagawa Prefecture," he said.

When asked to elaborate on his comments by reporters at the scene, the governor said he had wanted to say "some" foreigners instead of "all."

He added that the "some" foreigners to which he was referring were foreigners who entered Japan on working and student visas.

He made the remarks while stating that local crimes involving foreigners, gangs and juveniles are on the increase."
(C) All rights reserved

By Pato on Friday, November 7, 2003 - 8:51 am:

Amy, here's more:
I'm not too impressed by this apology. It doesn't sound "sincere" to me.

Kanagawa governor apologizes for calling foreigners 'thieves'

Friday, November 7, 2003 at 07:06 JST
YOKOHAMA EKanagawa Gov Shigefumi Matsuzawa apologized Thursday for calling foreigners "sneaky thieves" while campaigning over the weekend for a candidate running in Sunday's House of Representatives general election.
"My strong desire to maintain security led me to make the false, inappropriate remarks. I apologize and take them back," the governor said in a news conference.
"There are some foreigners who come to Japan with student visas but end up overstaying illegally and commit serious crimes. I want to control such crimes," Matsuzawa said.
In a campaign speech Sunday near a railway station in Kawasaki, Matsuzawa said, "Foreigners are all sneaky thieves. As Tokyo Gov (Shintaro) Ishihara has cracked down on them, they have flowed into Kanagawa Prefecture."
The Kanagawa prefectural government received more than 100 emails after the speech both criticizing and supporting the remarks, Matsuzawa said. (Kyodo News)

By Pato on Friday, November 7, 2003 - 2:31 pm:

Just in case anyone else wants to send Matsuzawa a message here is the form on his website:

By Cornelia on Sunday, January 16, 2005 - 9:59 am:

The information below was sent to me by a bi-cultural family living near Ikebukuro that received a flyer in their mail box. They think maybe this school is geared towards ethnic Chinese children only, but maybe if some of us who are interested got together with a group of 5 or so children, we could perhaps encourage a curriculum adjustment? My daughter is getting about two 45 minute sessions of Chinese instruction per week at New International School and I have been looking for an affordable suppplement. I would be interested in the Ikebukuro location. If anyone wants to try this with me, please email me directly.
* * * * * * * * * * *
Saturday Chinese Classes
03-5626-3373 (Ms. Yang )
Ikebukuro: 1-35-8 Higashi-ikebukuro, Toshima-ku
Ookubo: 1-24-24 Hyakunin-cho, Shinjuku-ku
Morning (2hours) or Afternoon (2hours)
This information is taken from this:

By Cornelia on Wednesday, March 9, 2005 - 8:50 am:

Hi everyone I received this and thought I'd share it. I read the on her web site and it doesn't say anything about experience in teaching kids, but I'll contact her and ask. There might be some adults out there looking for a teacher anyway!

From: "Christine Liu" <kcp_china[at]>
To: Cornelia Kurz
Subject: mandarin teacher
Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2005
Hello, this is Christine, from mainland China, I am mandarin teacher in Tokyo, I am teaching Mandarin for over 5 years in China and Japan, I got a lot of experience teaching Mandarin English, I could offer great textbook too, for more information please read my website.
looking forward to hearing from you soon. best regards

By Wendy Chan on Sunday, February 19, 2006 - 1:32 am:

Hi, my family is moving to Tokyo in April. We are Hong Kong Chinese and has been living in Shanghai for 3 years (before that we were in Albany, New York). My family speaks English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. My bigger girl who is now 4, can speak very good Mandarin and Cantonese while is beginning to master English as she is in an international school for over a year. We want to keep her Chinese (especially reading and writing in Mandarin) after we settle in Tokyo. Does anyone know any Chinese teaching schools (or playgroups) in after school hours/weekends?

Or the other alternatives is: any other families interested in having their kids learning Chinese? We can organise weekly playgroups and the parents teach some basic Chinese (simple characters). Anyone interested, please contact me by posting here or email direct.

PS. I just can't get into the link of Chinese teacher (Christine/Liugao) mentioned by Cornelia above.

By Wendy Chan on Friday, February 24, 2006 - 12:21 am:

Dear Cornelia

Since no one responds to my last posting, I just want to check with you if you finally tried out the Chinese Saturday classes you mentioned in your Jan 16, 2005? Is it good?

By Wendy Chan on Friday, February 24, 2006 - 12:27 am:

Dear Cornelia

Since no one responds to my last posting, I just want to check with you if you finally tried out the Chinese Saturday classes you mentioned in your Jan 16, 2005? Is it good?

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