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.Public Daycare -- Hoikuen

Japan With Kids - Forums: Day Care in Japan: .Public Daycare -- Hoikuen
By Cornelia on Tuesday, April 18, 2000 - 1:10 pm:

Minato-ku, Tokyo - Public daycares (hoikuen):
This info might contain typos and other mistakes. If you go through this system, maybe you could type up the correct details and send it to us so we can post the corrected list for everyone to see. We rely on contributions from the community!

The Minato-ku, Tokyo Public Daycare, application deadline is officially 25 February (2nd floor), except for newborns born after 25 Feb.

Only two facilities are able to take children after 6 weeks of age. The rest only take children after 4 months of age. I don't know which ones they are.

Call 3578-2111 ext. 2441 for more info.

Azabu Hoikuen: 3-9-11 Moto-Azabu
Shirokane Hoikuen: 3-10-12 Shirokane
Aoyama Hoikuen: 3-4-14-101 Kita-Aoyama
Konan Hoikuen: 4-2-18-101 Konan
Iikura Hoikuen: 1-21-2 Higashi-Azabu
Minami-Azabu Hoikuen: 4-2-29-101 Minami-Azabu
Shidamachi Hoikuen: 1-11-16 Shirokane
Minami-Aoyama Hoikuen: 1-3-5-101 Minami Aoyama
Nishi-Azabu Hoikuen: 2-13-3 Nishi-Azabu
Shiba Hoikuen: 5-18-1-101 Shiba
Takanawa Hoikuen: 3-18-15 Takanawa
Hommura Hoikuen: 3-5-15 Minami-Azabu
Mitate Hoikuen: 4-5-3-101 Konan
Akasaka Hoikuen: 5-5-26-101 Akasaka
Shibakoen Hoikuen: 2-7-3 Shibakoen
Daiba Hoikuen: 1-5-1 Daiba

By Dalina on Thursday, July 19, 2001 - 5:04 pm:

For a complete lists of Hoikuens in Japan please go to this website
I'm afraid it's in japanese only but with your spouse help it sure does beat the hassle of going to the local wards for information.Goodluck!

By Cornelia on Tuesday, February 5, 2002 - 4:48 am:

I just found this out!

Apparently some of the Tokyo ward offices provide a hoikuen application form with English translation (Minato-ku, Meguro-ku were mentioned).

My ward, Bunkyo-ku definitely did not in 1996.

If anyone lives close to one of those ward offices, could they try to pick up one of these application forms and mail it to me? I'd like to scan it and add it to the hoikuen page on this site.

By Natasha on Monday, November 10, 2003 - 2:26 pm:

Shinjuku-ku: I found the following hoikuen name and address on a web list somewhere a couple of years ago and jotted it down. When I called them just now, they told me that application (moshkomi) is made through the ward office. So they are not a private hoikuen, though the name seems to indicate that they probably started out as private. Has anyone any knowledge of this location?

ABC Hoikuen
2-11-5 Okubo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
tel: 03-3232-9633
(Application is done through the Shinjuku ward office)

By Kym Maxwell on Tuesday, March 2, 2004 - 8:34 am:

Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me when hoikuen accept application in Minato-ku, I realise Cornelia advised that it was February 25th but I was told it is strictly October. Could somebody please clarify this for me and let me know how and if I can apply while still in Australia. I will be arriving in September due to this info. Is it correct? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

By Cornelia on Tuesday, March 2, 2004 - 10:29 am:

Dear Kym,
I'm sorry, but it has been a long time since I spoke to Minato-ku, probably about 7 years, so maybe they have changed their policies. I would be very surprised if they accept any application via mail. It seems that everything here is done in person. Very inconvenient and very intimidating. One big Catch-22.

I never lived in Minato-ku, myself, and have dealt only with the officials in Bunkyo-ku. I can honestly say that at the hoikuen desk, the whole group of staff there was the least helpful of any of the many different officials in the City Hall that I've had to try to work with over the last 7 years. However, they do rotate every few years, so it is possible that there might be one or two new and kinder faces there now! Frankly, you need a bi-lingual mentor to get you through this stuff when you arrive. I did not have one. I had headaches every day for months (about the entire 5 months after my daughter was born until she finally got a space in daycare) because of the stress.

P.S. you can try calling them of course! 03-3578-2111 extension 2441, for the Hoikuen section. Though maybe you've already tried that. They also have some information in English on their website.

By Kym Maxwell on Tuesday, March 2, 2004 - 9:04 am:

Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me when Hoikuen accept application in Minato-ku (or ward closest to Hiroo), I realise Cornelia advised that it was February 25th but I was told it is strictly October. Could somebody please clarify this. I will be arriving in Tokyo in September and are coming due to this information. Is it correct? Its quite important, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

By Peter E on Tuesday, March 2, 2004 - 10:49 am:

They accept applications pretty much anytime, and hold spaces in the "zero sai" for kiddies born later in the year.

However, just applying and leaving it at that is NOT SUFFICIENT. You may have to burn enough hours of their time that they will give you a place just to get you out of their hair.

You have to apply for the nurseries to like, preferably near you, so go check them out first, all nurseries are not equal.

Also note, private nurseries don't have to play by the same rules and can be quite squalid.

By Cornelia on Tuesday, March 2, 2004 - 3:26 pm:

I think "Peter E" is right on the money in paragraph 2 above. You have to be very persistent at the hoikuen (public daycare) desk. Also, on the application there is a place to request 3 locations in the order of your preference. This is why you want to go visit the 3 most logical locations first before filling out the application.

By Adam on Monday, December 27, 2004 - 2:21 pm:


we are living in Kawasaki (near miyazakidai Sta.) My 2.5 Yrs. old son is very alone here and I tried to put him in a Hoykuen. But they told us you don't have any chance if your wife doesn't work.

As I am a student I can't pay for private one's. they can't undrestand that the problem is not "we are busy!" but he needs some communication with same age children. Now in the park or Kosodatte-hiroba, he only stays with his mom and doesn't communicate with others while she is there. that's why we are searching a way to put him alone with other children.

I am worry about him and his sadness. Does anyone have any suggestion or hints?

By Peter E on Monday, December 27, 2004 - 8:56 pm:

The rules for getting kids into nursery are fairly straightforward. (Using Nakano as an example) you get so many points for things like "both parents in full time employment", "no relatives nearby", etc and the more points, the more likely.

Quite a lot of Japanese mums have very ... creative ways of getting around this, examples are things like "essayist" and "actress" ^^!

I suggest you or your wife find a friend who has his/her own company that your wife then becomes a full-time employee of. That satisfies the requirements for the most part.

As for sadness in the park, that sounds to me like perfectly normal shyness, encourage mum to make friends with mums who have similar age kids.

By Kim Ellison on Tuesday, December 28, 2004 - 12:05 am:

I had the same problem when I first came to Japan. You don't say whether your wife or yourself speaks/ reads Japanese. But if you do, look at the notice board in the streets around your home. There is information about local events and usually the local "Jidoukan" or "Jidorkan" which is the children's play group.

It's usually Mums and their childrens' play class. The classes are divided into age groups (but you can join in other age groups). You will have to find out the date of the classes, usually weekday in the mornings. In some places they like you to be involved with setting activities. Other places are more easygoing and just let the kids play in different sections. They can do crafts or just play with toys and at the beginning and end there is the greeting and saying goodbye with a sing along and dancing. It took a few times before other Mums spoke to me (because I spoke a little Japanese) but eventually some of them even spoke in English to me!

So find out where your local social hall or community centre is and visit the classes. (I asked other mothers in the park and even the city hall) It's all free and there are days when you can just go in with your child to use the facilities.
Perhaps someone reading this website in your area can give you more information about your local playgroups.

By Kurz on Sunday, September 30, 2007 - 4:20 pm:

This is a link to an 11 page document (.pdf) translated into English, from Meguro-ku (Tokyo).

It contains information about the daycare system there and a list of the daycares and their addresses:

It branches off from a multi-lingual page (including Chinese and Korean) at
The date is 2007.7.20

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