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Kumamoto City and Nearby

Japan With Kids - Forums: Second Hand/Recycle/Flea Markets: Kumamoto City and Nearby
By Cornelia on Saturday, August 27, 2005 - 1:02 am:

Kumamoto City this weekend:

from Karen:
Aug. 27-28, is the "Hyper Flea Market" at Grande Messe Hall in
Kumamoto, 10:00 - 17:00. It attracts over 20,000 visitors and is supposed to be the biggest flea market in the area. I think there is an entry fee.
Be sure to visit booth 137 for cookie cutters, holiday decorations and craft supplies from America! (That's right - 17 years of accumulated stuff is all on the block!)

By Cornelia on Tuesday, July 8, 2003 - 4:32 pm:

KUMAMOTO CITY Huge Flea Market 12-13 July at Gran Messe. Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00. There is an admission fee, Y500 for adults, Y300 for children.
Various entertainment on stage included. Gran Messe is on the main road out of Kumamoto towards the airport. Bus stops nearby.

By K.M. on Saturday, November 17, 2001 - 7:46 pm:

Here's some information on three flea markets in Kumamoto.

1. November 23-25, Namco Wonder City Minami Kumamoto, starting at 10 AM
Here's the address of a simple map (in Japanese) that shows the location:
It seems to be within walking distance (?) of Minama Kumamoto Station.
For more information call 096-375-1130.

2. November 25 at Suntory Beer Park
Charmaine mentioned this in the following message:
I wasn't sure about the location but found the following English page:
It lists the following address and contact information about the park.
478 Yahatamizu, Kita-amagi, Kashima-machi, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto Pref.
Phone 096-237-2280
Fax 096-237-2520

3. November 18, Recycle bazaar at YMCA, starting at 12:00
Here's the address of that announcement:

By K.M. on Thursday, April 26, 2001 - 9:21 am:

Dear Lori and friends:

I've lived in Kumamoto City for quite some time but there are still many place names I am not familiar with. I had to look Shimasaki up on a map. For any others of you who are not familiar with it, it's the area just west of Kumamoto Castle. On the following map, the Shimada Museum of Arts is in Shimasaki:

P.S. By the way, I think "flea market" is "bazaar" or "nomi no ichi" or "furumono ichi." Japanese friends: I am right about this?

By Lori on Thursday, April 26, 2001 - 8:58 am:

There will be a flea market this Saturday (April 28) from 7:30 am to noon in Shimasaki,just past Hello Green Every (a supermarket). Coming from downtown through Daniyama Tunnel, pass the supermarket on your right (actually you might want to park there if you're driving a car), pass the restaurant on the corner on your right, and go into the large courtyard visible on your right, near the entrance to a white antique shop. Supposedly fish will be sold for 100 yen each, vegetables will be cheap, and of course there will be flea-markety stuff--maybe pottery, too, since a pottery workshop is located along the courtyard.

According to Living Shinbun there will be another flea market on the 29th and 30th called "Namukowandaa City Minami Kumamoto Flea Market".
Kumamoto-shi, Kuhonji, Namukowandaa Minami Kumamoto. still taking applications for opening your own booth (1000 yen fee). on sale will be clothes, shoes, handmade goods, etc.
tel: 0120-039-765 for further information.

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