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Share a view / experience with Filipino nannies/housekeepers/entertainers

Japan With Kids - Forums: Suggest a Main Topic: Share a view / experience with Filipino nannies/housekeepers/entertainers
By Licca therese Otic on Friday, September 24, 2004 - 12:02 am:

I came to know a Filipina thru'
TWK when i browsed the
classifieds section looking for
a sitter at night for my 3 y/o
son & lucky enough to hit two
birds at 1 stone. My son enjoyed
her company at night & i had my
facial massage b4 having dinner
w/ friends. Hence, we just had a
wk vacation so i asked her to
apply to a company that will
compensate her hard work & to my
amazement, she told me that they
told her to try hostessing jobs
instead. Poor thing (though i
have nothing against hostessing
but w/ her talent & skills) what
a waste! Does it mean that
because 95% of filipina works as
a hostess in japan she will not
be able to find any decent
regular paying job for her
skills or it's because they are
not confident enough to try
other jobs other than working as
a nanny? Anyways, we parted ways
& my son was sad & he was hoping
that she will join us. If only
she could... Now my son
practises his few words of
nihonngo w/ me. Cheers!

By Joy Grace Salcedo on Friday, September 24, 2004 - 10:27 am:

Hi Licca, Yes, I agree with you that 95% of us works as a hostess, and having a spouse visa here in Japan is not easy as well. It's not because of we are not confident enough to get other jobs, sometimes the reason is that person could not speak Japanese Language and to be able to get a regular paying job here in Japan at least one could speak Japanese. For us, like me for instance, I work as a Nanny mainly for the reason that I could speak very basic Japanese and fluent in English. I tried applying for Assistant English Teaching jobs but unluckily, I cannot get one since I am a non-native speaker that's why I ended up working with an English speaking families here in Tokyo as a Nanny and I believe being a Nanny is a decent job.

By Licca therese Otic on Friday, September 24, 2004 - 11:52 am:

Thanks for the info Joy and
sorry but i didn't mean to say
that being a nanny is not a
decent job at all. I was just
thinking that you and other
Filipinos can work like the
caucasians can there in japan
but you had explained clearly
that you have to be native
english speakers for you to fill
in the teaching positions. Now
that's my point here. In other
countries like in Canada for
instance, they hire Filipino
teachers to teach from
Elementary to highschool with
different subjects & of course
the medium of instruction is in
english. Why not in Japan since
there's a huge % of population
of Filipino living in Japan.I
have been there just for a week
almost a month ago got no idea
if racial discrimination really
do exist in japan. peace!

By angel wings on Monday, September 27, 2004 - 5:55 pm:

Hi Ma'am, thanks for everything
this is Angel. How's lil' Tom?
I am posting this so as to
others can read this though i
have sent you an email in your
ad. Allow me to answer your
questions in mind. 1. Filipino
varies in different aspects. I
can answer your questions based
on my own personality & thinking
only, not what other Filipinos
in general are. 2. I have
applied for other positions, yes
but my passion for massage and
lil' kids (though they do silly
things at times) made me decide
to do what my heart says so. 2.
I may have the ability to speak
in english but it is not enough,
i lack teaching skills. If also,
i were in their shoes ( i mean,
the japanese) i will not hire
someone like myself because i
want someone who is fluent,
capable and loves the job per se
3. Yes, i am not confident but
it is only me because i know
someone who teaches English here
& they are good at it. 4. I am
glad not to work somewhere else
because i have met lots of good
friends and employers. Say hello
to my lil' friend. again, thanks
for everything.

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