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Older childrens activities

Japan With Kids - Forums: Suggest a Main Topic: Older childrens activities
By Karyn Robson on Monday, June 16, 2003 - 11:37 am:

hi, i posted this not because i have a problem or need info of this sort, but i thiink that this is a good topic to have.

By Lynette Lee on Sunday, November 28, 2004 - 8:53 am:

This is a good topic. To make a contribution: Fuji-qu Highland (also spelt as Fujikyu) is a theme ride park similar to Knotts Berry Farm and after you get over the mental obstacle of getting there, eventually very enjoyable for kids both young and old. Yesterday was our second time there and it was a FANTASTIC experience.

It satisfied the grandparents who wanted to see Mt Fuji, the parents who wanted to view some fall colours, and the children who wanted something fun.

To recount, we left only after deciding to go for a drive towards Mt Fuji because the day was so clear. We left at 11am, keyed FujiQ into the GPS and took the Shuto Expresway there. On that clear day, the view towards the mountain was fantastic. Mt Fuji loomed ahead of us bright, glowing and majestic. Close to the park, we stopped at a viewing point to take photos.

We arrived at 12.40pm after minimal jams before hitting the Shuto (no jams). The park itself is not accessible by train so crowds there are not as bad as Disney, and it is spacious place as well. Highlights for us were: Thomasland and the rides, the Dondonpa super fast coaster (with only one half-loop), the 2km giant coaster, Mad Mouse ride for the kids and as a bonus, an ice-skating rink.

There was an amazing unblocked view of Mt Fuji from the giant coaster ride so this is highly recommended except for those with heart, back or neck problems as the ride throws you around a bit.

Warning: the park stays open till 8pm right now, but Thomasland closes at about 5pm, Dondonpa (nearly 2 hour queue) stopped letting people in at 5.30pm, and many of the wilder rides stop by 6pm. The Ferris Wheel, Mad Mouse, Carousel, Inverted Ride (most of the ones closer to the entrance) stayed open till the end.

Warning: a lot of info about times that the rides stop are not posted so you have to ask.

All in all, on a clear day, a great place to go on a weekend (a bit too empty on weekdays).

Lynette (Japan since Jan'04)

By Shibuya on Wednesday, May 31, 2006 - 7:22 pm:

KINDERGARTENERS (and older kids)

Come build a model sailboat and race it
yourself and see what CUB SCOUTING is
about, at the


When: Friday, June 2, 7pm to 8:30pm
Where: Tokyo American Club (TAC)
Recreation Building, 4th Floor, Room A/B
Cost: FREE
Who: EVERYONE, boys and girls,
Kindergarten through Grade 4

Cub Scout Pack 51 of the Far East Council
of Boy Scouts of America will be kicking
off our 30th year in September, 2006--
this event is a great way to have some fun
and see what Cub Scouting is about. Cub
Scout Pack 51 is open to all boys grade 1
to 5.*

Our whole pack meets on the second
Friday evening of every month, September
through June, at TAC. Dens (small groups
by age) meet about twice a month,
generally in the leader's home, a local
park, or local recreation facility. Parent
participation required. Brothers and sisters
can join in on nearly all activities.

To RSVP, or for more information, contact
Dan Peterson

*Membership at the Tokyo American Club
is NOT required. Boys of ANY nationality
are invited to join.

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