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Electricity in Japan

Japan With Kids - Forums: Moving to and Leaving Japan: Moving To Japan: Electricity in Japan
By kirsten lincoln on Thursday, February 21, 2002 - 9:18 am:

Do U.S. lamps, appliances work in Tokyo?
Hi there. I am wondering if anyone can tell me whether they had any luck using American computers with Japanese electrical currents. Is it worth it to get a converter?

By Scott Hancock on Thursday, February 21, 2002 - 9:27 am:

It's not a problem. Electrical supply in Japan is 100 volts as opposed to 110 volts in U.S. I have never seen this be a problem for computers.
If yours has 3-prong plug, have a 3->2 prong adapter. Pretty much all outlets are 2-prong.

By Rummy Syed on Wednesday, June 4, 2003 - 5:16 pm:

We are moving to Tokyo on an expat package. I am trying to choose what to bring and what to put into storage. I was thinking specifically of my treadmill, lamps, vacuum etc.
Can anyone help me? Thanks

By Michael on Thursday, June 5, 2003 - 1:01 pm:

The electricity throughout Japan is 100 volts AC, but there are two different cycles in use: In Tokyo and in regions northeast of the capital, it's 50 cycles, while in Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, and all points to the southwest, it's 60 cycles. Leading hotels in Tokyo often have two outlets, one for 110 volts and one for 220 volts; many of them also have hair dryers in the rooms.

You can use many American appliances in Japan because the American standard is 110 volts and 60 cycles, but they may run a little slowly.

By Ahmet Yetis on Tuesday, April 4, 2006 - 12:09 am:

We are moving to Tokyo in about a month and wondering if the Mendela pump we purchased in US will work in Japan or not. Thanks all in advance.

By Pato on Tuesday, April 4, 2006 - 10:04 am:

Regarding the Medela pump purchased in the USA. The answer is "yes".

By Mary Tobin on Wednesday, June 27, 2001 - 4:51 pm:

Do Australian electricals work in Japan? Can you get transformers? I hate the thought of having to buy all new electrical appliances when we get to Tokyo. I have read in another discussion that in Japan you use NTSC tapes for Videos. Can I connect a PAL (Aus standard) Video player to a Japanese TV - save me buying all new videos for the kids.

By Scott Hancock on Thursday, June 28, 2001 - 5:40 am:

The power in Tokyo is 100v 50Hz, so no, normal Australian appliances will not work. There are various places you can buy second hand appliances from people leaving. (Tokyo Classified, TAC bulletin board, the forum here, etc.)

There are often multi-standard video decks available in these cases, too.

Transformers are available, but they can get expensive for large ones.

By Henry Vera on Monday, April 29, 2002 - 2:16 pm:

You should get the transformers in Australia and bring them over. Apart from being cheaper they will also save you looking for them here. Be wary they sell transformers with only 2 slots make sure you get ones with 3 slots for your OZ connection.


By Tomomi Apps on Saturday, June 1, 2002 - 10:12 am:

Good place to buy transformer in Tokyo:

Go to 'Akihabara' - Electronics Town in Tokyo.

There are many large electronics store, but to get transformer, you will need to go to small shops under the rail line near the station, which sells parts, tools, plugs and transformers etc.(Will give you more direction if you need one.)

One of the shop sells only transformer and for your normal use like video, TV etc, you could buy one for around 4000 yen (50-60A$). You could also buy 3 slots plug to connect OZ goods for as little as few dollars.

If you need to connect larger applience, you have to pay around 10000 yen but it is cheaper to buy new or used goods in Japan than paying large shipping cost to bring them in and sell them when you leave.

Watch out with your Nintendo game if you have one, make sure to bring PAL TV as they do not work with NTSC TV.

We bought cheap small PAL/NTSC TV in K-mart for $200 in OZ and connected to PAL/NTSC video (also can get around $200 for the bottom range in OZ) using transformer we bought in Akihabara for 4000 yen. Kids can play PAL video or NTSC video, play PAL Nintendo game. Just cannot watch Japanese TV with these. So bought bilingual TV in Japan for 18000 yen.

If anything, I suggest to bring lots of shoes and clothes as larger size one are expensive and hard to get. (I have to pay nearly 3 times for clothes for my husband when I can get them cheap in OZ.)

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