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Day Trips from Tokyo

Japan With Kids - Forums: Traveling to/from and in Japan: Day Trips from Tokyo
By Norm Havens on Monday, February 21, 2005 - 10:27 pm:

A recent inquiry about hiking from a long-lost acquaintenance reminded me that some people in the Tokyo area might be interested in knowing about day-trip options from Tokyo.

The town of Fujino where I live is about one-hour by commuter train from the Shinjuku area (a bit quicker by auto), and is home to the Kanagawa Prefectural Fujino Geijutsu no Ie (Fujino Workshop for Art). The WFA has craft shops where you can do pottery, woodworking, glass and metalwork, and it also hosts concerts and events. The craft workshop fees are all very reasonable, and instructors are present to give assistance (mostly Japanese language). Overnight accommodations are also available.

The Fujino area also has lots of low mountains including Jinba-san and Shohtoh-san, that are excellent for family hiking trips.

For more information you can see my website (and others listed on my links page), or e-mail me for specifics; I may not be able to help with every inquiry, but I'll give what information I have.

By Janine Parker on Tuesday, November 15, 2005 - 3:16 pm:


thanks to everyone for their help.
Actually we have been to Mt.Takao a few times and were going to go again on Sunday, but the Chuo line train we were on was going all the way to Otsuki in Yamanashi prefecture and our son was asleep so we decided to keep going.

Otsuki is about 39 minutes from Takao and has an amazing view of Mt.Fuji. It was a bit far for a day trip so next time we would stop at the first (Sagamiko, 7 minutes) or second (Fujino) stop after Takao. There is a big lake at Sagamiko and a beautiful river runs all the way through the valley to Otsuki. It was a very pretty area and the leaves are still changing colour. There are many hikes in the area and the hills are steep, but not that big and the river is a long way down from the road. Around the lake may be better with children.

If you have been to Mt.Takao and are looking for something new that's close to Tokyo now is the time to go.

For those that haven't been to Mt.Takao and want to see the autumn leaves there is information on this website

It's only a 50 minute train ride from Shinjuku. Escape the urban jungle!

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