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Destination: USA

Japan With Kids - Forums: Traveling to/from and in Japan: Destination: USA
By Cornelia on Thursday, October 27, 2005 - 8:16 am:

Regarding taking food items into the USA. There have been reports of even fully processed food goods such as baked cookies being confiscated. It seems that some employees may not be implementing the rules correctly. As a rule, you are allowed to take cookies into the USA! Most canned and processed items are admissible. Though for some reason fully cooked sausages are not considered "processed". But most meats have always been on the "don't" list for as long as I can remember.
Here are a couple of links regarding taking/exporting food into the USA: - this has a faq on bringing food items with you when you travel to the USA. There is a disclaimer at the bottom that rules change daily and local restrictions might apply. Sounds like Chicago O'hare is going overboard.
Japan Post letter regarding mailing food items to the USA.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration: Registration of Food Facilities; application form available here. Includes a lot about the bioterrorism act of 2002.

By Villalover on Tuesday, December 18, 2007 - 12:30 pm:

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By Villalover on Tuesday, December 18, 2007 - 12:58 pm:

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