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Sanitation & Garbage

Japan With Kids - Forums: Health Topics: Sanitation & Garbage

By Yuko Kubota on Thursday, October 14, 2004 - 5:28 pm:

I happen to be relatively keen on garbage matters (I worked as interpreter for a study tour in Yokohama), but it's such a long story and I think someone should move the topic elsewhere if you want to read more about it. Bottom line, it depends on the municipal, but there are movements like recycling facilities and consumers getting deduction for bringing your own bag.

About "wet tissues".

Well, it's no big deal. They're just wet fiber that do not tear apart easily, and are kept sanitary even though it's wet all the time. And in order to do this, I guess they have to have a certain amount of chemicals absorbed in it.

Anyway, I'm no expert when it comes to chemicals and medics, so I can just tell you what I know, and perhaps someone can add to that.

First of all, here is a shopping site you can easily find by searching the word "wet tissue" in katakana.

The one I buy commonly sold at many stores doesn't seem to be included here, but mine contains, PG, ethanol, methyl-paraben, fenokishi-ethanol, refined water and aloe-bera extract-2 (whatever these are, and please excuse me for the partial romaji).

The other one I happen to have only has paraben and puropiren-glycol mentioned.

I don't actually think they take away all the germs from my skin, nor do I think it's good for my skin to use it all the time. It's just a handy item to carry around so that your purse doesn't get all oily or stinky from the butter or fish you had for lunch :)