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Japan With Kids - Forums: Health Topics: Psoriasis
By Maja on Sunday, September 23, 2001 - 5:44 am:

My mother (57 years old) has got psoriasis mainly in her palms and on her soles. Her fingers are so sore she has got trouble holding things. Everyday things like opening a can of juice is impossible for her. There are deep cracks in her palms and soles and they hurt very, very much.

Does anyone know where to find help for psoriasis in the Tokyo area? She now goes to a skin doctor and gets some ointment to put on the problem areas but it doesn´t seem to work.

Are there any alternative treatments for psoriasis?

We are thankful for any help we can get. Thank you!

By Betty on Monday, September 24, 2001 - 12:32 am:

Dear Maja,
You definitely want to try another doctor. Here is a link to an article on psoriasis. It discusses ultra-violet light treatments as well as powerful medications taken in tablet form. I think that these treatments are possibly available in Japan, but you have to find the doctor that knows about them and will work with psoriasis patients using these treatments. In order to find a doctor that might be specialized in this particular problem, try the medical helpline. They usually are very helpful in finding doctors specialized in particular problems and also acting as a go-between via telephone. They will find out if the doctor speaks some English, if it is possible to make an appointment, etc.

I can't find the number of the medical help line right now (English speaking) but maybe it is on the TELL (Tokyo English Life Line) web site: which has been redone and is still under construction
or try calling TELL directly at: (03) 5774-0992

note from admin: The information on the "Himawari" doctor referral service for people looking for foreign language speaking doctors can be found at There is also a sub-topic "dermatologists" under "doctors".

By Maja on Monday, September 24, 2001 - 3:32 am:

Dear Betty
Thank you SO much for your advice! We will definitely try to find expert help via the medical helpline!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

By Marcy on Thursday, February 14, 2002 - 1:21 pm:

Dear Maja
I have psoriasis since a was seven years old. Although it's a mild case most of the time, it can get very itchy too. For all my live I tried different doctors and treatments. Except for oral (pills), some kind of anti-depressive that I never take.
What is working best for me is:

1) Very good rest, good hours of sleep and less stress as possible.
2) Good natural diet - rich in vegetables and fish, avoid eggs, cheese, yogurt, less milk, dairy products, meat, white sugar and white flour as possible. Margarine, peanut butter and processed fats seems to be quiet poison for me. But a little natural butter, olive or canola oil is ok.
3) I take fish oil capsules(DHA) and vitamins/mineral tablets
4) I use regular non-alergenic hydrating cream (with vitamin E, aloe vera, etc) for the dry skin... and aloe vera soap and natural shampoo.
5) Direct sun shine bath every day (at least when it is possible)
6) Low temperature showers (very hot water make it worse) though hot spring (onsen) bath is helpful.
7) Forget about the problem, don't touch, don't scratch or scab it.

It seems difficult to follow, but I changed my habits over the years and now my psoriasis is under control.
For alternative treatments try a search on the internet and some books about "food combine".

Hope your mother find some thing that works for her.
Marcy at 090-1265-3525 or email:

2004 April, note from admin: COSTCO carries a large plastic jar of fish oil capsules for a very good price (compared to the local drugstores)

By Beatyneils on Monday, October 29, 2007 - 2:52 pm:

There are very good treatment for psoriasis.
You see, different people suffer from different degrees of psoriasis. There are even different types of psoriasis, and many people don't know this. Everyone responds differently to each treatment too, so sometimes a psoriasis treatment will work well for one person, yet not seem to make any difference for another.
PsoriAWAY is the medicine is used for psoriasis to my Friend,it results good treatment.
For more Medicine refer

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