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First Aid (EFR & CPR) courses

Japan With Kids - Forums: Health Topics: First Aid (EFR & CPR) courses
By Parent on Tuesday, April 4, 2000 - 10:18 am:

The Tokyo Pregancy Group website mentions Red Cross Courses available in Tokyo (First Aid and Infant CPR). The contact person is Sue Arnold, President of the Foreign Nurses Association in Japan. I would really like to take the course but I have so far been unable to reach her. Does anyone have any information on where and where these courses are held?

By Karen on Tuesday, October 30, 2001 - 2:18 pm:

Does anyone know where I can take a first-aid/infant CPR course?
Thanks, Karen catkaren [at]

By Cornelia on Wednesday, November 7, 2001 - 8:13 pm:

Foreign Nurses Association in Japan

Membership Director:
Ms. Karen Smith ksmith [at]

I just spoke to Ms. Smith and she told me that right now FNAJ doesn't have anyone with time to teach a course. Most of the FNAJ nurses now have full time jobs or don't have the certificate needed to teach the course.

More gloomy news:
On the American bases there were CPR courses offered and they were sometimes open to people from off base. But at the moment these are probably not open, for security reasons. The Tokyo American Club offers them but apparently only for members. Still maybe if they realized there was a need, they might be persuaded to open them to non-members?

Anyway, she is hoping that this month's meeting might bring some new developments and will let me know.

By Scott Hancock on Wednesday, November 7, 2001 - 8:19 pm:

Thanks for the update, Cornelia. Even though it isn't great news. We're looking for this, too.

By Nathalie on Wednesday, November 7, 2001 - 11:06 pm:

They are offering one at Kspace, sometime in November, but probably for members only, and for a price.

Just found the Kspace document. The 'Red Cross First Aid Course' is scheduled on November 19th, 8:45 am - 12:00 pm and cost 6000 yens. I don't know if non members can join.
To book, call: 03-5421-4186

By Heather Montgomery on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 5:42 pm:

I'm looking for a first aid and cpr course in English. Does anyone have any recent information on where I might find one in Tokyo? (I'll check the kspace site posted on an old message.)

By Nancy on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 - 11:41 pm:

You could try to contact the Foreign Nurses Association in Japan again. fnaj [at]

By Jayneuruh on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 - 10:09 am:

I have a one-year old and have been thinking that I need to update my high-school first aid skills! I have managed to find a first aid course with a specialization in care for children in English in Tokyo. They give you a DVD to study beforehand and an official certificate afterwards.
The general course info (but not the actual Tokyo site) is here:
I need to get a group together in order to have them put it on. The course costs about 14-16,000 yen depending on numbers (4 - 12 people) and takes a whole day. We can organise on-site babysitting if we need it.
If anyone is interested could you email me?
jayneuruh [at]
Thanks a lot. Jayne

By Admin on Wednesday, December 12, 2007 - 12:33 pm:

CPR training in Tokyo and Yokohama in English by Japan Basic Life Support Association

"CPR course for all persons in Tokyo and Yokohama Japan. This course is managed by official international training center of American Heart Association. Full English text book, full English Video, Instructor use English.
please contact us at: mail2007 [at]
or FAX: (045) 719-4322"

By Admin on Wednesday, December 12, 2007 - 12:41 pm:

Tokyo Fire Department has courses (Japanese only? but teachers are helpful in translating a bit,etc.) Advised to register at least 6 weeks in advance because they fill up. About 50 people in a one day class. There's a little bit in English on their web site:

By Jayneuruh on Friday, January 4, 2008 - 3:49 pm:

There is still have space on the course I am attending (see a few posts up). It is on Sat 19th Jan 2008.

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