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Twins, Parents of

Japan With Kids - Forums: Health Topics: Pregnancy/Birth/Childrearing: Twins, Parents of
By Cali Gregory on Tuesday, April 23, 2002 - 6:27 pm:

Does anyone know of a "Parents with Twins" group in English in Tokyo? Contact me at gregorys[at]

By Juliet Rogove on Friday, June 14, 2002 - 3:40 pm:

Hello Cari and other 'Parents of Twins',
Cari you do not mention how old your twins are but perhaps this lead will be of some help for you.
I am a twin and have set up a programme at my own business (Kspace) to provide parents with twins a little bit of help. Things can be tricky trying to entertain two at the same time!
At Kspace we make provision for this.
If you have twins one of your special children can attend for FREE!
Our staff will ensure that both children get the attention that they deserve, whilst you enjoy special time with each one individually.
We have four sets of twins at present and welcome more!
Special offers running throughout June and July.
Please take a look at my homepage;

or read more about us under;
TWK Forums: Education:Playgroups.

I have also found a reference to twins in Caroline Pover's invaluable book 'Being A Broad in Japan'.
I haven't had any contact with this group personally, just thought that I would give you the info;
Tokyo Twins Group
phone support and info
03 3465 3880
I hope this of some help and that you can find some support,
Take care
Juliet Rogove

By Shanti Ariker on Monday, January 26, 2004 - 9:10 pm:

I have also heard recently that there is a Twin Group in Tokyo that is mainly on email but I don't know how to get added to the list. Can anyone tell me? I am 7 months pregnant with twins right now and would love to get in touch with other moms of twins. Thanks.

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