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Pokemon TV show caused physical reaction

Japan With Kids - Forums: Health Topics: Pokemon TV show caused physical reaction
By Jana on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 - 2:05 am:

Can anyone tell me about the 700 Japanese children that were hospitalized after watching some kind of children's program? It took place about a year or more ago.

By Tara on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 - 2:07 am:

Oh YES, this was from the Pokemon cartoon series. It happened in December 1997. I actually had students who got kind of nauseous from it, but I didn't have any students who had to be hopitalized for epileptic seizures. And guess what, someone brought a tape of it to school and we all (meaning the teachers) got to watch it. Fun.

The seizures resulted from flashing (well, alternating) red and blue stripes (or was it yellow and blue???). After that the TV station pulled Pokemon off the air for a while until it investigated all the yet-to-be-released episodes it had waiting in the can. After about 2 months it got the go-ahead to rebroadcast, and resumed the series with much fanfare.

I have two articles from the Asahi if you need them, but they're in Japanese, and it just talks about what the Ministries were going to do about it.

By Emi on Tuesday, June 8, 1999 - 2:13 am:

Here are 3 links to articles in English about the incident: [The Pokemon craze eventually hit a wall, of course. It began about 20 minutes into the Dec. 16, 1997, show. About 700 people suffered convulsions while watching the episode—and 200 of them were sent reeling to emergency rooms. The victims, ranging in age from 3 to 58, listed convulsions, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness among their symptoms.]

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