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Japan Customs:Importing stuff

Japan With Kids - Forums: Consumer Reports: Japan Customs:Importing stuff
By Mina on Monday, October 3, 2005 - 1:14 pm:

I have been importing stuff from States with no problems so far.
But during the last 2 months my package have been stopped by customs and only when my package was opened , did they let it go.
Anyone experienced this?

Recently I have ordered stuff which is not trackable through a courier company and it would be reaching me by regular mail, I am wondering how would I know that my stuff is stuck at customs and what I should do to get it released?

anyone experienced this?

By Steve K on Wednesday, October 5, 2005 - 1:45 pm:

How long the stuff "stuck" at customs? When we ordered contact lenses or had other things sent from Canada, some of the packages were opened and resealed by Japan Post (my assumption), but there was no noticeable delay in their delivery.

BTW, Canada Post had a HUGE problem with their processing of incoming international mail last year. It wasn't unusual for small packages to be stuck for six months (my experience) or longer.

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