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Babysitting Services, Drop-ins, Childcare

Japan With Kids - Forums: Consumer Reports: Babysitting Services, Drop-ins, Childcare
By Emi on Monday, May 10, 1999 - 8:07 pm:

Do you use a babysitting service, drop-in center, private daycare, or nursery that you like? Please share what you know! Some of these places are hard to find, especially if their ads are in Japanese only.

I recently found a drop-in center near us that I really like:
The Mom Club
2-15-12 Sangenjaya Setagaya-ku
Above Summit Grocery - room 502
tel: 03-3421-6106 fax: 03-3421-6107
(Japanese speaking but there is one person that can speak some English.)

By Cornelia on Monday, November 20, 2000 - 2:07 pm:

A lot of people have called me to ask what the standard fees for babysitting are. This is in conjunction with the Babysitting Bulletin Board. I have always answered that it is up to them to negotiate rates. However, I have been asked to at least tell what my experience is so many times that I am now posting it here, hopefully to cut back on some of the phone calls and emails. I also discussed this with two other mothers just to get an idea of what they are paying.

Please remember that this is for TOKYO. People living in other towns, cities, and villages might have a different experience.

Straight baby sitting and all that has to do with it (preparing/serving food and cleaning the bottle/dishes from the baby/child's food, changing clothes and bathing as needed, etc.) 1000/ hour (I know one woman with twins who pays the same 1000 yen per hour, but another woman who pays an extra 200 yen per hour for her second child).

Train/bus fares may or may not be additional, depending on how far away. I personally expect the babysitter to pay up to about 200 yen each way out of her own pocket. I have to cover the majority of my own transportation fees for my work. But if she is coming from far away and I feel she is really worth it, then I might pay all or part of her transportation. I try to find sitters who live relatively close by, especially for shorter jobs.

Child care and cleaning/washing/ironing 1500 yen/ hour or 10,000 yen/ 9 hour day plus transportation fare

I hope this helps you all with your negotiations!! Naturally there are all sorts of permutations, including pick-ups and drop-offs at day care/kindergarten, later hours and so on. Generally the more hours you can guarantee per week/month, the better the rate you will be able to negotiate. Also, one mother said to me that you should definitely make the effort to try out a few different people. There is a vast difference in quality of work you might receive for the same money! I agree with this from my own experience.

By Anke on Friday, November 30, 2001 - 6:35 pm:

Has anybody found a reliable source for baby sitters in Yokohama area?

By ARN on Monday, March 8, 2004 - 3:04 am:

Any cheap part-time baby sitters near Omiya station in Saitama?I can only pay 500 yen an hour from 3or4 pm until 9or 10 pm.I have a 1 year and 3 month old boy.

By Valou on Sunday, February 10, 2008 - 2:56 pm:

We are currently looking for a reliable person to look after and bring our daughter to school at 9.30am. Trip from Suitengumae to Kiyosumi-Shirakawa (one stop on the hanzomon line in Tokyo).
School : K.International
Days : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Time : Around 8am to 9.30am
Please email :

Thank You!

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