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Osaka - Kobe - Nara

Japan With Kids - Forums: Playgroups and Pals: Osaka - Kobe - Nara
By Lupe Maria on Friday, March 17, 2000 - 6:43 am:

OSAKA - NARA - Looking for playmates! (English/Spanish)
Hello everybody
Im from Mexico, my husband is japanese. We have a baby, she is nine months old, my husband speaks with her in japanese, and I want to teach her spanish and english.

We live in Nara Prefecture, in Sangou Chou, close to to Ouji Chou.

Please contact me if you have a playgroup or want to start one with me.

Wada Lupe Maria

By Noriko Kusakabe on Monday, September 11, 2000 - 1:06 am:

Hi! We are a group of Foreign moms and bilingual Japanese moms in Osaka/Kobe area. Kids are from age 0 to 4.
We teach each other language (i.e. English and Japanese) and do some cultural exchange. Please let me know if you are interested!
Email to

By jakki thomas on Monday, June 3, 2002 - 10:00 pm:

OSAKA - Yoshita Hommachi
Hi I am an Australian mum living in Osaka. Would love to find a playgroup/coffee group for myself and 14 month daughter. Are there any about or anyone living in our area who may want a new playfriend for their child. Preferably english as we have very limited japanese.

By Jacqui Miyabayashi on Sunday, February 22, 2004 - 9:25 pm:

OSAKA - Hirano-ku, Tanimachi line

Hi I am a New Zealander living in Osaka. Would love to find a playgroup/coffee group for myself and 2 year old son. Are there any about or anyone living in our area who may want a new playfriend for their child. English only.
Email -

By Melissa Gough on Wednesday, April 7, 2004 - 3:47 pm:

Hi I am a mother of a 16 month old and a 2 month old, living in Takarazuka-shi. I am looking for mothers who would like to get a playgroup started. If you're interested, please email at

By Osaka Playgroup on Tuesday, March 1, 2005 - 9:50 pm:

International families. Mixed families with children 0-5 years, meet around Osaka for picnics and more importantly, for the children to have a chance to speak English together.

By ayako muramoto on Tuesday, June 14, 2005 - 1:48 am:

Hi I am a bilingual Japanese mom living in Ikeda-shi, Osaka. I am looking for a playmate/playgroup for my son who is 2.5yo. Please contact me if anybody is interested. E-mail:

By Susanne Eskildsen on Saturday, September 17, 2005 - 1:54 pm:

Hi - I am Danish mother living in Kobe who would like Japanese speaking friends for my daughter who is now 15 months old. I speak English and off course Danish. Also I hope to learn some Japanese ....
Please write to me at

By Rebecca_s on Thursday, August 16, 2007 - 5:24 pm:

I'm in Kobe (Okamoto) and looking for some playmates to meet up with at various Jidoukan or Kominkan. Or playgrounds when the weather isn't so stifling hot as it is right now! My daughter just turned 3 and my son is 15 months. We are a bilingual german-english family. My japanese is very basic, my german is functional but not fluent, and my english is fluent ;)

By K8bell on Friday, October 5, 2007 - 1:49 pm:

I'm in Osaka City (Bentencho) and would like to meet some other parents/kids who speak English, French or Cantonese. My son is almost 3 years old and speaks these three languages as native languages. I am native English and French speaker, but my Cantonese is only basic. We could meet in parks or at my home (or yours!). I work and my son goes to school, so we're looking for people who can meet after 3pm on weekdays or on weekends. Let me know if interested:

By Vicki on Tuesday, March 11, 2008 - 8:48 am:

I am in Ono (with easy access to Kobe in about an hour) and would like to meet some other parents who speak English as well as come from different cultural backgrounds. I am a native English Speaker married to a Japanese man. I can communicate in Japanese although it is probably hard on the ears of most natives. I currently am waiting to deliver my first child and would like to make some connections/support in order not to become too lonely and crazy in caring for a newborn baby in a culture so different than the one I was raised.

By Jamieandharuko on Friday, May 2, 2008 - 6:17 pm:

hi, My name is Jamie and i live in Matsubara, Osaka.

I am married to a Japanese lady and we have a 5 month old daughter called Aya.

We are looking for couples with babies to meet with and have fun days out together.

Get in touch,

Both Japanese or foreigners welcome


By David on Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 10:34 am:

Hi there , my name is David my wife and I have a four year old boy with kleefstra syndrome a rare genetic disorder (slow learning disorder eg no speech and hearing problems) fantastic gentle playful little boy we are staying in Osaka in September 2013 would like to meet up with a Japanese and or Australian family living in the area (Osaka) we are very interested in Japanese people and their culture if interested please me (David) email address Kind regards

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