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Tokyo: Ota-ku, South

Japan With Kids - Forums: Playgroups and Pals: Tokyo: Ota-ku, South
By Doug Parkes on Thursday, August 26, 1999 - 12:53 am:

Hi! We have a 3-year-old son who needs English-speaking playmates. ( Mother only speaks Japanese, and I'm afraid my English on the weekends is not enough to get him communicating...) Help!


By Naomi Smith on Thursday, February 24, 2000 - 10:01 am:

I am a Japanese mother with two daughters aged 1year 8 months and 3 years 8 months. My husband is an American. We are living here in Tokyo, and planning to educate the girls in Japanese schools. (There is no choice for us)
I would like to form a group of young children with English speaking background to play, and use English together.
Naomi <>
Living in:
Kugahara, Ota-ku

By Naomi Smith on Wednesday, July 5, 2000 - 11:21 pm:

My yonger daughter has just become two in May. About same age as yours? If you are interested in getting together, please email me. My address has been changed to:

By Celeste Hilmer on Wednesday, July 5, 2000 - 7:25 pm:

Hi! We are an Australian Family just settling into Tokyo way of life. We have two boys, one is 2 years old and the other 6 months. Our 2 year old in particular needs interaction with other children his own age as in Australia he is accustomed to going to kindergarten & seeing friends.

By Faye Balchin on Saturday, August 26, 2000 - 11:23 am:


I've been in Tokyo for six months and am still looking for a local playgroup. My daughter of ten months would now really benefit from some playmates. We live in Den en chofu, Ota Ku.
Help anyone??

Tel 03 3722 0063

By Avril Sartori on Saturday, August 26, 2000 - 11:58 am:

Dear Celeste and others
My name is Avril and I have twin 14 month old babies. We live in Shinagawa, Minato-ku and I am trying to put together a playgroup in and around my area. So if anyone is interested we are all looking forward to making new friends and having fun together. I thought our group could get together once a week, either at each others homes or at a park. An older friend and long time resident here in Tokyo advised me to form a group of like-minded mothers with chidren more or less the same age,living not too far from each other, as she found her group a lifesaver, the women drawing closer over time,supporting and sustaining one another in what can sometimes be a lonely and overwhelming enviroment. I also believe the kids need regular and sustained contact amoung others, to learn from each other and grow together.At home we have our friend's and relative's chidren but here we need to actively create that kind of interactive enviroment. I can be e-mailed at or phone me at 03-5479-0516.Look forward to hearing from all of you.

By Keiko Kosuge on Sunday, October 1, 2000 - 6:54 am:

Hi. We are planning to meet regularly at a private library near Magome station, Ota-ku, Tokyo. The woman in charge of this library is a good English speaker and willing to help us. She has some ideas like storytelling, playing games,Halloween party, etc.. Or we can meet at a park or jidoukan and let children play together. We will be happy if you can join us. If you are interested,
contact me at

By Judith Ann Herd on Monday, July 16, 2001 - 12:27 pm:

Is there a playgroup in Ota-ku near Senzoku, Ookayama or Jiyugaoka? My son is 7 mos old and I would like him to play with other children. English or Japanese okay.
Please contact me

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