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Tokyo: Odaiba area

Japan With Kids - Forums: General Discussions: Tokyo: Odaiba area
By tia tanaka on Sunday, June 12, 2005 - 3:16 pm:

My hubby will be going to Ginza on a Monday morning, that is tomorrow. Any recommendations as to what mum and baby can do? We are thining of the Odaiba area, such as walking in Venus Fort or the park. We appreciate if any people in Tokyo could recommend any good place for shopping, eating or strolling or just their favourite hangout.
Thanks, Tia

By Scott Hancock on Sunday, June 12, 2005 - 4:59 pm:

Venus Fort is fine. All enclosed, too. Plenty of choices for food. Do you know your way? Train is easy. The line that goes to Odaiba is Yurikamomei, so must be elevators at all the stations.
There is also a boat museum and not far from there is a new science museum. Haven't been myself so can't comment.
It's not close to Ginza, though. Not sure if there's a connection or not.

Note from Admin: The best connection from Ginza would actually be from Shimbashi (walkable from Ginza) on the Yurikamome un-manned train!

By Jellund on Sunday, June 12, 2005 - 5:18 pm:

We just got back from Palette town, if you go through the car showroom there is a large indoors amusement arcade with games and, for kids, there is a balloon room and some climbing areas, 300yen for 30minutes. The ferris wheel is there too. It depends on how old your baby is. If the weather is good you can go down to the beach which is what we did. There are lots of restaurants and places to eat too and a large ToysRUs in the Aquacity area by the beach which always has lots of sample toys which your baby might enjoy checking out. :)
Elevators all the way from Tokyo Teleport station. Have fun!
By Jellund on Sunday, June 12, 2005 - 04:20 pm:
Forgot to add, if your baby is still crawling, the lower floor of the car showroom has a corner which is all padded with toys for babies.

By Scott Hancock on Sunday, June 12, 2005 - 6:15 pm:

Odaiba beach?? This is 2 years old, but I don't believe such a serious situation could be fixed in that time:

Glad to hear Toyota showroom is back. Great ideas, there.

By Jellund on Sunday, June 12, 2005 - 6:31 pm:

Yes, that's the same beach we were paddling in. :) Not the cleanest water but there were about 30 other kids in the water, not swimming but going in up to knees with parents.

By Scott Hancock on Monday, June 13, 2005 - 11:53 am:

Did you read down to the last quote in the article?

By Bethan Hutton on Monday, June 13, 2005 - 1:35 pm:

If you want somewhere for the children to cool off in the Odaiba area, without braving the sewage, there is a great wading pool with fountains etc in the park area next to the Maritime Museum (look for the ship-shaped climbing frame -it's just by that). Of course, there are lots of toddlers splashing around in the water, and no doubt there are a few "accidents", but the water should still be cleaner than Tokyo Bay...

Note from Admin: Shiokaze Park in Odaiba is mentioned at the Splash Parks page

By Natasha Watts on Tuesday, June 14, 2005 - 1:27 am:

For all you parents of Thomas fans!
The musical Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends is coming to Odaiba, get this the Thomas theater! 7/16(y)`8/31()11:00/14:30
Adults Y4000 and children 3-12(or younger if they need seats) Y3000 So it's a little steep if you have many kids, but this ticket apparently comes with a day pass for "Odaiba Boukenou"
Ahh, sorry I have no idea what that is... I'm about to check that out now. But Meanwhile, I believe the tickets are going fast so!

Unfortunately the show will be dubbed in Japanese, which I thought my son would hate but when I asked him he said he will learn more Japanese so he is happy and excited to go!

The site is in Japanese only but perhaps you can get more info through your local ticket vendor. I already resereved seats for me and my Thomas fanatic!!

By Tia Tanaka on Tuesday, June 14, 2005 - 2:19 am:

Hello all, Just came back today from Odaiba. Thanks for your recommendations and we did check out Aqua City. That was great! You see, most of the time and way back then, we just do Venus Fort. Not sure now, but we find Venus Fort was kind of expensive at that time. For shopping that is. So, Aqua City was a good choice! Even bought myself some summer clothings. Only thing, when my hubby dropped us off, from the main road, we took a really long time, trying to find an elevator to go into Aquacity, considering we have a stroller.

Yikes, yes, Scott I just read the article that you posted about the beach. Scary, isn`t it? And in such a nice place in Odaiba too, rather unbeliveable. Must tell my hubby tomorrow.

By sonousek on Friday, February 3, 2006 - 10:23 am:

Hi there,

it's been a while this discussion was written, so any other recommandation for the Odaiba area with two kids, one 3 years old, one 4 months old...I understood the Palette town is good.
Thank you,

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