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Breast Cancer Prevention Awareness - Empower the Survivors

Japan With Kids - Forums: General Discussions: Breast Cancer Prevention Awareness - Empower the Survivors
By Tonette Binsol on Thursday, August 18, 2005 - 7:08 am:

Breast Cancer Prevention Awareness Seminars

Let's empower the survivors!

PREVENTION IS THE BEST OPTION. This is an initiative of Breast Cancer Society of Manila, Inc. (BCSMI), non-profit, non-stock support group. The BCSMI is a nonprofit, nonstock corporation established in November 2004 by three breast cancer fighters (Ederlinda, Elvira and
Marrisa) and two friends (Cecilia and Melani). The main objective is to help women cope with their affliction through information and
support of fellow breast cancer fighters. They also aim to bring deeper public awareness on breast cancer since the Philippines has
the highest incidence in Asia. They conduct gatherings for afflicted women, sponsor public lectures and medical missions and participate
in other health-related activities, in addition to the moral support they extend to the members. They collaborate with other organizations such as the Philippine Breast Cancer Network where most of them were mentored, the Philippine Cancer Institute and other support groups.

They will discuss empowerment, mentoring and networking as experienced in this support group. A short video which they written
and produced will be presented after the lecture, showing the activities and aspirations of the group. An open forum will follow
and free reading materials will be distributed. The whole presentation will be translated in Japanese by volunteers.

On their third day of stay in Japan (August 28), the group will meet with Filipinos in Yokohama, led by the members of the Sacred Heart
Filipino Community of Yokohama, for a lecture on "Preventing and Fighting Breast Cancer". They will be joined by a volunteer doctor,
Dr. Kuniko Iihara, associate professor of Kyorin University School of Medicine, who worked in the Philippines as a science teacher under
the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers program about 25 years ago and has a personal encounter with breast cancer because her mother is
also fighting it.

The group who will be staying in Japan until the end of August welcomes invitations for free public lectures and interactions with
concerned parties, especially the afflicted Filipino women and those who have friends or relatives in the Philippines fighting breast
cancer. They will also appreciate donations, in cash or in kind, so they could continue their projects and pursue the building of a
hospice for sick women.

If your group is interested to meet BCSMI members, August 30 and August 31 would be the available dates to have a lecture or sharing. Please contact Elvira Galang at +81 (0) 8031526613, e-mail .

More seminar schedule at

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