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Japan With Kids - Forums: General Discussions: Fingerprinting
By Mina on Wednesday, February 1, 2006 - 2:28 pm:

I need to enroll in an distance education program. However the institute requires that I fingerprint myself at the local law enforcement agency on the paper provided by them.

Now, I dont know a single word of Japansese, and I dont want to get myself in a difficult situation, so would this be doable here?

thanks for any input

By Mina on Monday, July 3, 2006 - 7:17 pm:

Background Check

In continuation of the message above I need to have a Background Check done here in tokyo, (it is a requirement to get a license from an institute in the states). How can I go about having a background check done?which agencies should I approach?any help much appreciated.

By Sandy on Thursday, May 1, 2008 - 4:43 pm:

Police reports, background checks and fingerprinting are also done for US citizens applying to adopt a baby. (It's all part of the "home study".) The US Embassy has a list of people qualified to do such a home study in Japan. They also probably have information on their web site on how to get a local police report, as well as where to get it translated, notarized, etc.

I know that the US had a special form for fingerprinting, and that the Japanese form may not match it. I also know that part of the home study for adoption includes a fingerprint check. So I would start by ccntacting the Embassy for the country where this is needed. I vaguely remember reading about this subject 6-7 years ago in another place, but can't remember any useful details, other than that the Embassy ought to know. On the other hand, now that these things are beinng done digitally, the form is probably also digital? Or maybe they offer a choice of a digital version and a paper version.

The US Embassy (Tokyo 03-3224-5177) now takes fingerprint scans (digitally saved) of all fingers, for all visa applicants. But whether or not they will do it for someone who needs to be fingerprinted for another purpose, not direclty related to visa applications, I don't know. They may do it as part of Citizen Services for US citizens.

I don't know what other countries are doing, so you have to contact the right Embassy for the coutry that is pertinent to your case.

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