Okaasan Email Discussion List for Pregnant Women and New Mothers
[13 October 1999]

The okaasan email discussion list is for English speaking women living in Japan and expecting a baby. Women who have recently given birth in Japan are also welcome. List membership is decided on a case by case basis. For example, a woman who has just given birth somewhere other than Japan and finds herself suddenly living in Japan might be able to join the list. Since the list is new, we're going to play it by ear for a while. If you have an opinion on membership practices, please let us know.

For internet newbies: What is a discussion email list?
If you join you will receive by email all submissions by women participating in the list, including your own. It's like a chatting via email. The advantage of using an email list instead of a web based discussion forum is that you spend less time online. (If you live in Japan this means saving on your phone bill.)

Let's have fun sharing our advice, experiences, or whatever! Remember to respect each other. Rudeness will not be tolerated. :-)

Interested in joining? Just write us saying you are interested in joining the okaasan email list and your area and due date (yes it's OK if your baby was already born!)

Your email address will be kept strictly confidential. (In other words, your email address will not be sold.) Other people on the list will be able to see your email address if you send posts to the list, but the list of subscribers cannot be accessed except by the administrator. People not subscribed to the list cannot post (SPAM) to the list. But, anyone can subscribe and remain subscribed until they become offensive. Offensive people will be unsubscribed and banned by the list administrator. Our goal is to provide a warm and friendly email discussion list.

MEMBERS ONLY (password protected) Section This section includes a voluntary list directory, birth story archive, and other information. The password is sent to new members by email after they are registered. Members Only

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