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Narita Airport (New Tokyo International Airport)

Automated flight information phone number: 0476-34-8000 (option #4 for English)
Narita Airport Homepage in English (Japanese here and Korean here)
Airport Limousine Website in English (Japanese here)
Keisei Skyliner Electric Railway web page in English (Japanese here)
Japan Rail Narita Express (NEX) (Keisei Rail is cheaper, seat avialability is high just before boarding, and web site is better.)
Complete overview of access to Narita airport (includes helicopter option for Y280,000 from Ark Hills, Tokyo).
TWK's T-CAT (Tokyo City Air Terminal) Information page

Narita Airport has two terminals named the Main Terminal (1) and Terminal 2. Both terminals can be arrived at by NEX (Narita Express Japan Rail), Keisei Skyliner, Keisei limited express (sometimes requires a train change in Aoto station), Airport buses (called limousines!) which depart from most major hotels, and automobile.

NOTE: Some people, including myself, are confused by the order of the stops when arriving at Narita from Tokyo by train. The Main Terminal is the LAST stop. The trains stop at Terminal 2 first. There is also a Narita City train stop prior to arriving at the Airport Terminal stations. Be careful. If you do accidently go to the wrong terminal, there is a free shuttle available that operates every 10-15 minutes. The shuttle stops at Bus Stands 8 and 18 (1st floor of Terminal 2); and Bus Stand 5 (1st floor, North Wing, Terminal 1/Main Terminal).

SEND YOUR SUITCASES AHEAD: Pick up at the airport before checking in! This way it isn't necessary to travel with big luggage on the train or bus. You can also send them home this way when you arrive back in Japan, after clearing customs. Price is around 1800 yen per item though second one might be a bit cheaper. Below are Tokyo telephone numbers for companies that provide this service. They will pick up and deliver suitcase to more distant places such as Nagaoko too, so check them out! Cost is about Y2000, or just under, per item.

ABC (Air Baggage Service Company Ltd.) - (03) 3545-1131
NTS Sky Porter - (03) 3590-1919
QL Liner - (03) 5994-3332
Yamato Transport Co. - (03) 3541-3411

COAT STORAGE SERVICE for winter travelers leaving for hot countries, as well as normal luggage storage service. I've never used this service. If anyone has, please contact us so we can post the details!

FAMILY SIZED TAXIS for big families with lots of luggage:
- - Tokyo Airporter covers Tokyo and Kanto area and will meet passengers at Narita and Haneda Airports.
- - Outech Car & Limousine also has airport service but it's JWK has not received feedback..
- -[from Scott April 2003] I have a new and even better source for the Narita taxi ride: MK Taxi offers the best taxi service to and from Narita. All their taxis are non-smoking and the drivers are especially courteous and drive most sanely, unlike most others. If you ask, they have English speaking drivers, too. These days, there is a "discount" fare to/from Narita which comes out to about 20,000 yen from Shibuya/Minato area. They have sizable vans which can accommodate more luggage or people than a normal taxi and are quite comfortable.
They also operating a shuttle service, which may be familiar to those from the U.S. You have to allow maybe an extra hour, but the fare is much less, and they pick you up from / deliver you to your home or business. The fare for the shuttle is between 3,500 and 5,000 per person, depending on the area. This only covers the 23 wards of Tokyo. (They gather up to 9 people with similar departure times and combine everyone in one run.)
Reservations can be made by telephone, fax, or email. It seems you could probably do in English, but that might not be 100%. Better to do it in writing.
You can pay by major credit card which is very handy. They also have a very nice English web site with all the information:
I have used them many times and they are very good. I am most appreciative of a restful ride to/from Narita, as opposed to the frequent terror trip. If you have 3-4 people, it becomes less of a luxury.
- - [from Scott August 2000] Hinomaru Taxi (03-3814-1111) has flat fee Narita (and Haneda airport) fares, and did a lot of advertising for their Honda Odyssey taxi, which they refer to as a "van". I think that's a bit of stretch. If you occupy both 2nd and 3rd seats in that vehicle, there's basically no room for luggage. Photos of their "wagon".
"Asuka Kotsu Daiko" (name changed in December 2000) is a taxi company with vans operating between Tokyo and Narita. Telephone number inside Japan 03-5737-8111, fax: 03-5705-8009, international: +81-3-3790-0110
Operates like a regular taxi and seats 7 plus a fair amount of luggage or 4 and a LOT of luggage. There is a wheelchair lift in the rear where the luggage goes. So, with a wheelchair, there could be up to 4 additional passengers. You can make a reservation between Tokyo and Narita in either direction. Give them a few days notice, at least - more for busy times - but a maximum of 14 days ahead.
If they are picking you up from Narita, they will wait outside the customs exit on the arrival floor with your name, and the taxi is right outside, usually. Have your flight info when you make the reservation. They know to keep track if your flight is delayed. It is best to deal with them in Japanese, but they may be able to receive a request in English particularly if it is faxed (always follow up with a phone call and/or ask them to confirm back by return fax and specify if wheel chair lift is needed, since possibly they have some vans in their fleet without them).
The typical fare between say Shibuya and Narita is about 19,000 yen plus 2350 in tolls (compared to 3000 yen per person on the bus "limousines"). Remember, no tipping taxis in Japan! (Could be construed as an insult). The vans are pretty clean. They try to be non-smoking, but I think they have a hard time stopping people that are intent. Drivers I've had have all been professional. Incidentally, for companies that do about 30,000 yen/month on a regular basis, a contract with billing may be possible.

TRAVEL INSURANCE can be purchased before going through immigration. Tokyo Marine Life is one of the companies available. There are also automatic machines BEFORE and AFTER going through immigration, but these require advanced Japanese reading/writing ability. I have seen Japanese people spend up to 30 minutes trying to purchase their insurance from one of these machines. The manned desk is not much better for us who do not speak Japanese. The staff's intuitions and common sense vary greatly, and they DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH. I have found that the easiest way to get the job done quickly is to show the travel insurance contract from my last trip and my current flight ticket and say "sembu onaji" meaning "everything the same". Of course I still have to indicate that the length of the trip and the destination may be different. Sorry, the first time will take patience. Leave some time for this! It will also help to have written down in advance IN JAPANESE, all the names (as they appear on the ticket or in the passport) and ages of the travelers in your party, the relationships to each other, and your address in Japan. Travel insurance is highly recommended for all countries where you are otherwise uninsured. There is a form in the back of their little booklet which you must bring with you to any hospital/doctor you or your children may see. Photocopies are acceptable for multiple visits. After returning to Japan you mail in your claim for processing. Be sure to have all original receipts of what you paid. If necessary for tax purposes get the health organization to issue you duplicate receipts at the time of service.

Japanese National Health does cover participants outside Japan. But coverage is limited to standard allowances inside Japan which tend to be a lot lower than for example in the USA. The forms need to be printed off their website and brought along. See the conversation at: Japan With Kids - Forums: Health Topics: National Health Insurance Coverage can easily come to as little as 10% of costs for care received in certain countries (such as the USA). BE PREPARED!

There are various ways to access internet. Business lounges and clubs have free access for members. Air side has limited Yahoo clubs (often crowded). Telephones with modem hookups from 2008 have become obsolete, but there might still be a few around.

In June 2010, implementation of free wi-fi was started. As of December 2013, reception zones contine to be limited so as to not interfere with other wi-fi systems.
So, Narita Wi-fi LAN is now free, but service is not consistent. Email address registration is required. In English it is at the following URL: and may possibly be done ahead of time before leaving home.
When at the airport, look for the following Wi-fi LAN name: "FreeWifi-NARITA" and connect to it. Then open a browser, and try to load and use your e-mail provider on-line access.

Comment from Cornelia: [May 1999]
If you wish to comment to the Narita Hospitality Folks here is the email address for the Narita Airport Authority: naa1[at] or try the Inquiries and feedback form on the Narita Airport web site.

Narita Airport - Main Terminal
Extensive renovations completed in March 1999 now allow Main Terminal passengers to enjoy similar but not quite the same amenities that have been offered in Terminal 2 for some time. They are outlined on the new Narita Home Page for the Terminal 2 section and also below (the site has not been updated to reflect the changes at the Main Terminal yet). Post office and full service bank are available before going through passport control but service hours are limited. The travel insurance booth has longer hours.

21 July 1999 Update: We have just confirmed that the Main Terminal has showers and day rooms but does not have a video viewing area. See Terminal 2, below, for basic information on these amenities.

Narita Airport - Passenger Terminal 2
Terminal 2 is composed of the Main Building and the Satellite, which are connected by a shuttle train (a one minute ride). A & B departure gates are in the Main Building and C & D departure gates are in the Satellite building. This terminal is newer and offers some great amenities in the "restricted area" (after going through passport control).

The post office is on the departure floor (3rd floor) before going through passport control. There are also some restaurants and shops, and the travel insurance booth. A bank is on the 2nd floor, but there is a money changing booth on the 3rd floor. In front of the post office is a KINKOS copy shop which has computers and internet access for sale.

Dayroom entrance After going through passport control, there are some wonderful facilities available. In the Main Building (3rd Floor) you can:

(open: 7:00 - 22:00, admittance until 21:30 for showers and 21:00 for resting rooms & audio/video booths)

1. take a shower in a private bathroom for JY300/30 minutes
2. take a nap, single bed JY500/hour, twin bed room JY800/hour
3. rest on a reclining sofa or massage sofa
4. relax in audio/video/satellite TV booth, individual booth JY400/2 hours, group booth (holds 3) JY800/2 hours

In the Satellite Building (3rd Floor) you can let your younger kids loose in the play room (no charge). Go directly to the play room page on the Narita website to see what it's like.

These amenities are also available to transit passengers, but not to arriving passengers.

Airlines at Terminal 1
Air France, Air Tahiti Nui, Alitalia, American, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, KLM, Korean Air, Northwest, Singapore, United, Varig, Virgin Atlantic

Airlines at Terminal 2
JAL, ANA, JAS, JAA, Aeroflot, Air China, Air India, Airlanka, Air New Zealand, Air Pacific, Asiana, Austrian, Biman, Canadian, China Eastern, Continental, Continental Micronesia, Delta, Egypt Air, Garuda Indonesia, Iran Air, Luftansa, MAS, Philippine, PIA, Quantas, SAS, Swissair, Sabena, Thai, Turkish

WARNING: What the heck is Code-Sharing?
Code-sharing is when different airlines share the same air-ship. How does this affect the passenger? The best answer is a hypothetical situation:
Lets say United Airlines (Main Terminal) in partnership with Lufthansa (Terminal 2) is taking over a Lufthansa plane for a flight from Tokyo to San Francisco. The Lufthansa plane just arrived in Terminal 2 from Frankfurt. People hold tickets with a UA flight number on it, but the plane will depart from Terminal 2. But people don't know this. They think they are flying on United Airlines which uses the Main Terminal (Terminal 1), so they go to the wrong terminal.
This is information that travel agents sometimes do not know themselves or forget to tell the passenger when issuing the ticket. The best thing to do is to call the airline directly and double check the departure terminal.

Airport User Tax:
As of March 1999 the airport user tax of 2050 yen for adults and 1025 yen for children is now added to the price of your plane ticket at the time of sale. You no longer have to make sure to carry the right change for the automatic machines on the way through passport control.

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Automated flight information phone number: 0476-34-8000 (option #4 for English)
Narita Airport Homepage in English (Japanese here and Korean here)
Airport Limousine Website in English (Japanese here)
Keisei Skyliner Electric Railway web page in English (Japanese here)
Japan Rail Narita Express (NEX) (Keisei Rail is cheaper, seat avialability is high just before boarding, and web site is better.)
Complete overview of access to Narita airport (includes helicopter option for Y280,000 from Ark Hills, Tokyo).

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