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Researched by Cornelia [1 January 2002]

I've done a bit of exploring and thought it might be fun to share. For now there are only two places described, Triton Square and and the Kiba Ito Yokado Superstore and Cinemas, but I hope to include great shopping areas from all over Japan, not just Tokyo. There are the old, quaint shopping districts and the new, modern malls. Come on shopaholics, I know you are out there. Send in your favorite places so they can be included. Digital pictures are also welcomed!

Map, Triton Square to Ginza

Triton Square, (also known as Harumi Triton)

1-8-16 Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Oedo subway line, Kachidoki or Tsukishima station.
Yurakucho subway line, Tsukishima station.
Hibiya line, Tsukiji station.
Or take a leisurely stroll from Ginza (about 20 minutes).
Official Website (in Japanese):
http://www.harumi-triton.co.jp/ -- has the best photos
For further information: 03-5144-8100

Triton Square opened mid April 2001. The closest subway line is the newly opened Toei Oedo line but it is a pleasant walk on a nice day from Ginza (or 830 yen taxi ride or 200 yen bus ride). The complex includes three sky-scraping office buildings, a city government building, a theater, and of course, a shopping center! Here are various links in English which will tell you a bit more.

http://www.tcvb.or.jp/en/hot/sizzling/siz_back/0105/aqua.htm -- A New Landmark Is Unveiled on the Waterfront "Harumi Island Triton Square" Opens!
http://www.toa.co.jp/works/english/office.htm -- TOA emergency broadcast system at Triton Harumi
http://www.eqe.co.jp/wha'tnew.htm -- earthquake disaster plan for Triton square in the making
www.triton-arts.net/english/ -- Triton Arts Network, "Dai-Ichi Seimei Hall Finally Open"

The best part of the official website (but unfortunately in Japanese only): http://www.triton-shop.com/shop/1st_n.html -- lists shops and restaurants in floor, it also includes menus with prices in Japanese

I recently spent a few hours there on a Sunday rambling and exploring. Here are my notes:

Nice layout arranged along a wide canal with a fairly pleasant view across to the other side towards Tsukiji. Looping halls through the three tier shopping center with most restaurants on the 3rd floor, most shops on the 2nd floor and more casual bakeries, coffee shops and a mix of vendors on the first floor. Empty, no people! Must not be too well known yet. My 5 year old daughter had a blast running around and exploring everything. She especially liked the large oval ceiling painting done in an Italian style. Brick facade is a nice change next to the sheer office towers which are part of the complex. Playful outdoorscaping.

Here are some of the shops and eating establishments that I noticed or visited (hours seem to vary a bit depending on the type of establishment):

Azabusabo 03-5144-8202 -- Japanese food, sweets and tea, includes green tea or vanilla soft ice cream
Bicycle Seo 03-5144-8254, 11:00-21:00
Books Shogen 03-5144-8236, 10:00-22:00
Cafe Excelsior 03-5144-8241, 7:00-22:00 M-F and 8:00-22:00 Wkd-- sells Italian Calzone for 300 yen
Casadecor 03-5144-8223, 11:00-21:00
Club Sol Outdoor Leisure, 03-5144-8253 11:00 - 21:00
Erawan Thai Brasserie 03-5144-8251 -- enjoyed a mildly spicy tabehodai (all-you-can-eat) lunch for 1000 yen
First Kitchen 03-5144-8203
Fox Fire Shop 03-5144-8255, 11:00-21:00 -- camping and outdoor gear
Kitchen store: "212K." 03-5144-8224 -- I picked up a Farberware Double Duty Pan there for 1200 yen. It was a few feet from the to-drool-over 2 million yen stainless steel kitchen (mostly Italian but the stainless encased fridge was a General Electric). Also have a cafe attached.
Mr. Craftman Shoe Repair 03-5144-8233 -- back to back with a dressmaker, capable of more complicated repairs than those on the Mr. Minute menu. I got a side tear patched for 1500 yen.
Pompadour Bakery 03-5144-8202
Roti Grill 03-5144-8275 -- Huge burger lunch with cup of soup and excellent shoestring fries 950 yen.
Segafredo 03-5144-8220 -- coffee shop
Snaps Photo Processing 03-5144-3232
Soup Cafe Carmen 03-5144-8257, 8:00-21:00
Tokyo Bay Cafe Island 03-5144-8252, 8:00-21:00 -- some western food on the menu but I haven't tried it yet
Wall Street ('Diner Bar') 03-5144-8238 -- nice view through big windows in their main dining room, food so so, but complete drinks menu

Parking is available with fancy software ticketing machines (in Japanese - we guessed and got lucky somehow). We also showed our parking ticket when we paid the bill at the restaurant and received a second magnetic striped card which reduced our parking fee from 800 yen to 400 yen.

Ito Yokado "Superstore" and Kiba 109 Cinemas

1-5-30 Kiba, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135
Tozai subway line, Kiba station.
By car it is almost straight east of Tokyo station across the Sumidagawa bridge (ohashi).
Official Website: There isn't one but you can access a website for the whole chain at http://www.itoyokado.iyg.co.jp (IYG stands for Ito Yokado Group) There is an English component to their web site which includes a list of all their stores (there are quite a lot of them in Hokkaido!) but no street addresses and phone numbers.
For further information: tel: 03-5606-5234, fax: 03-5606-2320
Other places of interest close by: Kibashinsui Splash Park, Kiba Park, and Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

The building is crisp and modern with lots of glass and the car parking is free. The shopping is standard (large supermarket and drug store on the ground floor along with a food court type of place which includes McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken; the clothing, appliances, entertainment on the second and third floors, restaurants and cinema are on the third floor, and more I did not explore). The cinema has reserved seating and unfortunately a large smoking area rather close to where you have to stand in line to buy the tickets. I counted 8 movie theaters but 11 movies showing. Here is a partial quote off an Ito Yokado .pdf file regarding their Kiba location: "It has 46 leading tenants, including movie theater, sporting goods, fast food, and prominent apparel companies. Within a five-kilometer radius of the store, the population is about 630,000." They go on to say among other things that they have direct farmer to sales floor distribution meaning that seasonal produce is generally offered for sale on the same day that it is harvested; and they also have a daily direct stocking from Tsukiji fish market so their fish is also very, very fresh.

The ITO-YOKADO head office is at:
4-1-4, Shiba-Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0011
Tel: 03-3459-2111
Ms. Teranishi in the overseas department speaks English very nicely. [5 March 2002]

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Tokyo City English Information desk: 03-5320-7744

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