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AMF: Association for Multicultural Families [4 December 1999 - updated April 2009]

(This is from Aikawa Masao of "AMF: Association for Multicultural Families")

AMF Website (Japanese only)

The Beginning
Realizing from their own experiences the problems that face Japanese women/men in marriages with men/women from other countries, seven of these women decided to form an association, the KOKUSAI KEKKON WO KANGAERU KAI, to assist other couples facing the same problems. The membership now totals over 400 women with spouses from more than 50 countries. The association has chapters in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto and Fukuoka, and has established a reputation as a leading advocate for the civil rights of Japanese married to foreign nationals.

Gains and Objectives
Among the accomplishments of the association are:
A campaign to persuade the Japanese Government to change the Nationality Law to enable Japanese women pass on their nationality to their children: hitherto only permitted for Japanese men. The law was changed in January 1985.
A campaign to persuade the Immigration Authorities to simplify the procedures for obtaining visas for foreign spouses. This campaign has made considerable progress, but much remains to be done.
A campaign for changes in the Alien Registration Law. According to the change in the law in 1992, the obligation of permanent residents to submit to fingerprinting was abolished, and a new law requiring the registration of one's family was imposed.
A campaign for an expansion of the civil rights of non-Japanese residents.

The success of these campaign has been the result of the steady efforts made by the members of the association. Still the original purpose of the association has not been forgotten ,that is to help couples to come to terms with the many problems that arise in Japan. If you are a Japanese married to a foreigner then there will be times when you need to discuss your problems with someone who understands your situation and can give helpful advice. The association is here to meet your needs.
The activities of the association also include:
Monthly meetings held by each chapter.
Panel discussions with specialists from the government, and from business and academic fields.
Social activities such as parties, picnics, and other outings.
Mailing List (members only)

The association has written and compiled four books about international marriages:
published by The Japan Times / 1,200 yen
This is a collection of essays written by members of the association, telling the unvarnished truth about their experiences and thoughts (about marriage to a foreigner).
published by Akashi Shoten / 1,800 yen (the new edition)
This book gives advice on how to deal with the many problems encountered by international couples, when living in Japan. For example, immigration procedures, the Nationality Law, children's education, etc, are covered.
published by Akashi Shoten, / 1,680 yen
The daily lives of inter cultural married couples in Japan and overseas.
published by Jijitsushinsha, / 1,500 yen
A guide to the relationship between the nationality laws of Japan and other countries.

If you want to have a membership, please contact the following address:
Tokyo & its area: junki[at]
Around Nagoya: staples[at]
Kyoto: lalloz[at]
Osaka: atvnovs7[at]
Fukuoka: Toshiko[at]intercomltd.COM
Foreign Countries and Others: kebichiyo[at]
Japan: tel/fax:078-858-2190
General E-mail: amfinfo[at]

Membership Fee:
In Japan: 5000 yen (Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Fukuoka) and 6000 yen (Osaka)
Abroad: 4500 yen

(JWK staff does not have experience with AMF. It appears to be only for Japanese women married to non-Japanese men.
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