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English Speaking Internet Groups in Japan

Children's Rights Network Japan
An email list for people interested in the goals of CRCJapan and of course for parents struggling to keep their kids or keep a relationship with their kids after separation or divorce. Wnglish and Japanese. Founded 19 April 2003. 27 January 2004: 58 members.

Homeschooling / Afterschooling in Japan E-List
This e-list membership discusses educational and family or parenting issues as related to education among families raising their kids in Japan. It is an off-shoot from Aileen's resource newsletters which are all archived at the site: Homeschooling in Japan. Open archive. English only. Founded January 2000. 28 May 2005: 145 members.

Japan Learning Web
For discussion of any learning and teaching issues affecting parents, teachers, and self-directed learners in Japan. All are equally welcome to participate, whether homeschoolers, afterschoolers, schoolers at Japanese or foreign schools, teachers of English or other subjects at all levels, or those interested in pursuing their own studies in Japan or through distance learning. Membership is screened (no spammers). Archive open only to members. English only. Founded January 2003. CLOSED 2005 February. (consolidated together with the Homeschooling / Afterschooling in Japan E-List above)

Special Kids Japan E-List
This list is made up of parents of children with special needs, such as children with autism or Down's Syndrome. English only. Founded May 2001. 3 March 2003: 27 members

Book Club for Women
This list is made up of English speaking women living in and around Tokyo who share good reads. The Saturday teahouse meetings once a month encourage criticism and discussion of the book for the month."Tokyo-centric" but others OK. Founded 19 May 2002. 13 September 2004: 25 members

Kumamoto International E-List
A mailing list for foreigners and Japanese interested in Kumamoto city, in Kyushu, Japan, and the surrounding area. "Kumamoto International" is a forum through which foreign and Japanese residents of Kumamoto can exchange information and ideas relevant to life in Kumamoto. Postings may be made in English and/or Japanese. Founded October 1999. 3 March 2003: 336 members

The Community E-List
Members of "The Community" seek to represent and organize the scattered and varied peoples who are concerned about the treatment of non-Japanese in Japan. Founded November 1999. 3 March 2003: 86 members (dropped from 118 in March 2002) Not active anymore but archives are very interesting.
The Community E-List #2
New location for the above e-list. Founded May 2002. 30 June 2003: 189 members. Very active.

Living in Yokohama E-List
For people living in or near Yokohama, Kanagawa Ken, Japan. Moved to Yahoo in November 1999. 3 March 2003: 138 members.

Angels With Fur
This list is made up of people living in Japan who adore animals and/or are pet owners. Founded August 2001. 13 September 2004: 51 members

Small Businesses Japan (run by foreigners)
For people running a small business in Japan (including one-person shops) to talk about various problems, and how to get around them. Founded May 2000. 14 March 2002: 79 members

Digital Eve Japan E-List (was Japan Webgrrls)
Part of Digital Eve International - a worldwide women's organization dedicated to promoting women's understanding of computers and digital information technology for professional and personal use. Holds workshops and has an English/Japanese email discussion list. Men may join. This list is for announcements only. Postings may be made in English and/or Japanese. Moved to Yahoo in January 2001. 13 September 2003: 531 members.
The new discussion list for Digital Eve Japan. Founded: Feb 25, 2002. 13 September 2003: 161 members.
The alternative IT e-list in English for women! For those who got tired of the DE politics and restrictions. Founded: Mar 8, 2004. 13 September 2003: 122 members.

Association of Foreign Wives of Japanese (AFWJ)
Membership dues required. Has email list.

Married in Japan E-List
Email group run by and for foreign wives (or steady partners) of Japanese husbands. We chat about international marriages, bilingual children, you name it! All Japan, not just Tokyo. No fees. All membership requests for MarriedinJapan need to be approved by the owner. English only. Founded July 2000. 3 March 2003: 242 members.

Read the latest news from Japan and hear the opinons of people who live or have lived here. If you have never been to this very interesting part of Asia, then learn about all that is Nippon. Be sure to take part in the opinion polls. Visit the related homepage for more articles about living in Japan at: English only. Founded January 2001. 14 February 2005: 511 members.

Being A Broad in Japan E-List
For international women in Japan. English only. Founded November 1999. 3 March 2003: 332 members. List was shut down by owner.

Society of Writers, Editors & Translators in Japan E-List (SWET)
Trade info on sticky points when dealing with Japanese source or end product. Common topics include dealing with clients, getting work, getting qualified and professional networking. English only. Moved to Yahoo May 2000. 3 March 2003: 479 members.

Tokyo PC Users Group
Has newsgroups and several mailing lists.

Tokyo Linux Users Group
Has mailing list and message board.

Bulletin Boards:

Macintosh User Group in Tokyo

Fukuoka NOW
Mailing list info:
Fukuoka Now Forums -- Share information and make friends across Kyushu, sell/buy, etc.
FUKUOKA RAINBOW MAGAZINE in English by the Fukuoka International Association (FIA) via email. Request subscription via email: rainbow[at]

Based in Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan, we serve the local international community and guests from all over the world.

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