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Field of Mugi

Field of Mugi a new community web site for English-speaking Working Women in and outside Japan, just opened on March 17th, 2000.

"Field of Mugi" is a membership website free of charge. We welcome any current or future working mother interested in getting to know and supporting each other. We will provide community forums to discuss various topics from work to family to other interests, and chat rooms for real-time on- line communication. A bulletin board system for short messeges 'A word or two' is also provided for the quick response. All this will be under the security of the membership system, of which the purpose is to provide privacy from non-members.

The "Field of Mugi" has originated from the Japanese website "Mugibatake" ( ), the top web community for Japanese speaking working mothers. The current membership is at over 1800 and is steadily growing every day, thanks to numerous national press coverages. Mugibatake is managed by the founder "Mugi" and a group of approximately twenty working mothers. We are volunteers and are free from any commercial and religious sponsorships. Members will build a new women's network here in this site.

"Our Japanese members can communicate in English and will welcome new friends. We will be a great help to your members to live and enjoy life in Tokyo, and it will be a great joy to us to have new friends like you and your members. "

"English translations of the rich know-how accumulated in Mugibatake will be available for you. We hope the English-speaking members will build a new women's network here at this website."

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Sayaka Nakai at or see:

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