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Tokyo Immigration Bureau Hakozaki Branch Office
2nd floor of T-CAT, 42-1 Nihombashi, Hakozaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0015
Tel: 03-3664-3046

Notice: This office was permanently closed in October due to budget cuts!

On the left side of the room are trays with application forms. On the right side of the room there are tables with samples of how to fill out each form. There are also basic instructions on the backs of the forms.

On the counter, there is a map showing where to buy the revenue stamps. To pay for revenue stamps the following costs apply:
Change 4000
Extension 4000
Reentry permit (single) 3000
Reentry permit (multiple) 6000

To apply for a reentry permit:

If during your period of residency, you wish to temporarily leave Japan, you must obtain either a single or multiple reentry permit. The validity of the reentry period cannot extend beyond the period approved for residency and the maximum period allowed for a reentry permit is one year. Should you leave Japan without a reentry permit, your alien registration card will be confiscated.

You will need: Your passport, alien card, 3000-6000 yen

Go in, take a reentry permit application, and fill it out. Take a number, then go and buy your revenue stamp at the T-CAT store (unless you're not sure if your application will be approved). Go back and wait for them to call your number. I often take the number before filling out the form, if it looks like a long line.

When they call your number and you go up to the counter, give them your completed application, passport, and alien card. Then sit down and wait until they call your name.

When they call you back up, if there are no problems with your application, they will give you a second form. Wet the revenue stamp (they provide a moist pad on the counter for this) and stick it on, then sign your name at the bottom.

It took me about an hour to complete the entire process and that was from 11 am to 12 pm on a Wednesday afternoon. I still don't feel confident enough to go in on the day I'm flying, I always do it ahead of time.

They don't appear to speak any English (or very little) but they were kind. The line numbers didn't move at all for a long time, and then they jumped so fast I missed when mine was called. So keep your eyes on the number display!

One of the signs reads:
Applications will not be processed on the spot except for a reentry permit. The result will be notified by mail later. After the applicant has been approved, either the applicant or the following proxy is kindly requested to appear to the office to have the permission endorsed in the passport.

- Spouse parent and child of the applicant.
- Or employee of the company to which the applicant belongs.

In case of emergency, please contact the inspector in charge directly.

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