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The Japan Red Cross Society offers similar services as offered in other countries by other Red Cross organizations. On a local level, they collect donor blood and maintain a blood bank. They promote safety and health through education programs such as Junior Red Cross. They conduct fundraising. On an international level, they provide relief in stricken zones, including all the logistics in coordination and organization that that implies. They act as the umbrella organization for other programs such as the Japan Marrow Donor Program.

The English pages on their website are more comprehensive than on most Japanese sites but are nevertheless aimed at an international audience rather than the few English speakers residing in Japan.

National Headquarters
Address: 1-1-3, Shiba Daimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8521
Tel: 03-3438-1311, Fax: 03-3435-8509
Email: kokusai[at] and info[at]

Japan Marrow Donor Program (JMDP) toll-free 0120-445-445

Bone Marrow Registration: You can download and fill in the donor registration form in advance or pick it up at a Red Cross collection center.
The procedure is shorter than a regular blood donation because a much smaller sample is needed.

For a very thorough description in English of the procedure please read

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