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Their website has been improved! You can now read back issues of their quarterly newsletter, Connections, online. You can also subscribe to the print version.
Connections articles of special interest to parents:
Check List: Important Things to Do Before Disaster Strikes
Prepare in Advance for Medical Emergencies
Talking to Your Children About Earthquakes
In the Aftermath (of an earthquake)
Survival Checklist - TELL Suggestions
Prepackaged Earthquake Kit - TELL Suggestions
Earthquake Information for Foreign Residents
Seven Myths about Bilingualism
Gakko or School: The Bicultural Family Chooses
The Japanese School Option -Ruth McCreery interviews Susan Schmidt, an editor at University of Tokyo Press
Raising Kids - Temper Tantrums
Parent Effectiveness Training (PET)
Dining out with Children in Tokyo
Indoor & Outdoor Family Outings
Surviving New Year's in Japan
Visiting Art Museums With Your Family
Be the First to Aid
Childbirth in Japan
We All Need Parenting
Here is the index of all archived articles online so far.

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