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Tokyo Waterworks

Tokyo Water 23ku 03-5326-1100 / Tokyo Water West Tokyo 042-548-5100
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Tokyo Waterworks provides clean, potable water for Tokyo 23 wards and for West Tokyo. There are two service centers. They do not have a specific English speaking help line, however, they do have people who can speak English. Tell the operator that you want to speak to someone in English: "Eigo ga hanaseru hito ga imasu ka?" and that should get you to the right person.

The Tokyo 23 Wards Service CenterSuizu-kun
tel: 03-5326-1100 (when you move, change user name, change billing address)
tel: 03-5326-1101 (questions about bill, repair and other questions)

Tama Customer Service Center (all cities belonging to "West Tokyo")
tel: 0570-091-100(navidial: there is a charge for this call)
tel: 042-548-5100(from IP or PHS or Mobile telephones, etc)
(when you move, change user name, change billing address)
tel: 0570-091-101(navidial: there is a charge for this call)
tel: 042-548-5110(from IP or PHS or Mobile telephones, etc) (when you ask about your bill,repair and others.)

Both Service Centers have hours from 8:30 - 20:00 except Sundays and Holidays

There is a back-up water storage system in place in case of a natural catastrophe. Most of these special reservoirs are under parks.

There is information on detecting leaks, paying your water bill and so on at:
Of interest is a small discount for paying by automatic bank transfer! There is a sample form for bank transfer payment with English explanation. The form for the Tama area is slightly different.
Here is a list of locations by Ward (ku), and by City (shi) in the Tama area.

Water for low income homes is subsidized, particularly for single parent households under a certain income level. This subsidy is available to households that have qualified through the Parent/Child Welfare Section in your local City Hall Office.

Cornelia: I've experienced a leak both inside and outside in my supply line at the shut-off valve or between the house and the valve.. You know because suddenly the water bill goes up very high (300% or more)! The procedure is that the landlord must take action and have the leak repaired. Twice now, the large bill was cancelled due to prompt repair. I believe it is a way of saying thank you for fixing the problem quickly, which benefits everyone.

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