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Japan With Kids - Forums: Health Topics: Hospitals/Clinics

By Cornelia on Thursday, January 23, 2003 - 3:24 pm:

Names of hospitals and "nicknames".

Some hospital names and nicknames sound very similar. When you want to find out about a certain hospital it's a good idea to include the location, to make sure the person you're talking to understands (such as a taxi driver).

For example Nihon Ikadaigaku Byoin (Nippon Medical School) in Nezu is abbreviated in two different ways:
Nihon I'dai
Nichi I'dai

This gets confusing because not too far away in Ochanomizu is Nihon Daigaku Byoin which is nicknamed "Nichidai"

Both Nichidai and Nichi I'dai have tertiary level trauma units of which there are about 10 in Tokyo.

For some odd reason Keio University Hospital is not nicknamed "Keiodai" but is known simply as "Keio".

Tokyo Daigaku Byoin (Tokyo University Hospital) is nicknamed "Todai" Byoin.

Just a warning to get the name right!

***Here is how one source, a Japanese friend, explained it to me:
Nihon Ika Daigaku is the official name of Nihon medical college.
The abbreviated name is Nihon I-dai. Another abbreviated name is Nichi-I-dai. It is very clear when you write it in kanji. You can shorten Nihon to "Nichi", Ika(means medical) to "I" and Daigaku to "Dai".

Be careful! There is another Nihon Daigaku Igakubu (Nihon University School of Medicine -- We call it Nichi Dai for short (not Nichi I-dai) or Nichi Dai Igakubu. It is a big university (maybe the biggest one in Jappan) and has 4 hospitals in Itamashi, Surugadai (Ochanomizu, Tokyo), Hikarigaoka and in Inage.